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  I’m sure you have seen vendor sponsored white papers galore that claim that they have created the best sourcing tool ever known to humanity. It is AI powered, comes… Read more

As far as recruiting goes, the last decade has been…eventful. From the job market rebound post-Great Recession and rise of the candidate experience, to the current push toward artificial intelligence… Read more

  The trucking and logistics industries are the backbone of the U.S. economy. Naturally, as the economy flourishes, the need for trucks, and drivers, skyrockets. However, the high-volume, high-turnover nature… Read more

  With the first half of 2019 firmly in the books, a few trends become apparent, but none more so than the ongoing consolidation going on within the talent acquisition… Read more

  June continued the 2019 trend, with lots of big announcements coming from companies across the space. We saw mergers and acquisitions, funding rounds, new products and more – on… Read more

  You’ve seen it before. Heck, most of us see it every day. You enter an elevator or wait in line at the store and witness a sea of people… Read more

  Find out where people are coming from to get them where you’re going Suppose you were caught on the edge of a cliff, being pursued by an angry elephant…. Read more

  You probably know you should use assessments to help screen job applicants. However, with thousands of assessments available, how do you know which ones are right for you? What… Read more

Enhancing your Employer Brand should always be a top organizational and recruiting goal (for many reasons). We submit that the next wave is using technology tools in your Employer Branding… Read more

  In today’s recruiting landscape, there’s a lot of emphasis on the idea of “success.” But what does that even mean? Is it crushing KPIs? Or just showing up every… Read more

  Artificial Intelligence speeds up the recruitment process by removing manual tasks and makes the recruiter more productive What’s the Need for AI in HR? The HR functions comprise of… Read more

    What would you do with your time if you could automate daily tasks like sending reminders, collecting resumes from candidates, and automatically updating candidate profiles in your ATS?… Read more

Credit Union Makes Big Investment in HR, Sees Even Bigger Payoff “younger workers expect a clean, simple user experience equivalent to what they’re accustomed to in their personal lives” Think… Read more

Future demand and hiring difficulties require new approaches for filling positions Despite five generations now being in the workforce, an aging population means the demand for nurses will only grow… Read more

Despite the fact that more than half of all firms in the UK think high scores on the emotional intelligence scale are important for every employee, 25% of managers interviewed… Read more

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