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  Productivity Hacks in 8 Minutes   There are a lot of things we do as recruiters that wastes our time. Tune in now for some productivity hacks you can… Read more

The gold standard recruiting metrics of the past decade or so have been: Time to hire/time to fill Quality of hire Both make sense: increasingly companies are moving to tech-driven… Read more

The modern landscape It’s a jungle out there. Technical recruiting is perhaps more complicated than it’s ever been at any point in the legitimate global history of sourcing and recruiting…. Read more

Quick definition to begin: candidate rediscovery is the process of finding previous applicants — who didn’t get the job they applied to that time — who would be a good… Read more

The current tech hiring market (as well as other industries) is increasingly complex. You are seeing more open roles — companies are hiring more, which is great — but there’s… Read more

There’s been a literal ton of discussion in recruiting and talent acquisition circles in the past 18 months about AI. Most of these discussions take one of several forms: How… Read more

  Thanks to a complex hiring environment, increasingly strategic responsibilities, new technologies, and a greater focus on metrics, HR is changing quickly. To stay competitive, HR teams must be forward-thinking… Read more

We recently came across a company in the cloud security space that had developed their own chatbot internally. They wanted it to save time both in customer success and talent… Read more

With a growing list of responsibilities and a dynamic hiring environment, the role of the recruiter is perhaps one of the fastest-changing roles in the business world. What are some… Read more

The rise of AI in various industries is an interesting, far-reaching discussion. We’ve written about its applications in the recruiting space, and so have dozens of others. It’s definitely a… Read more

In the last decade or so, we’ve had a lot more research and thought leadership emerge around topics like employer branding, internal culture, candidate experience, and the like. “Brand” isn’t… Read more

As a Gold Star Dad, I have a strong sense of respect and admiration for the men and women who support our country by serving in the military.  Every single… Read more

In today’s competitive online space, it’s challenging to leverage audience traffic into significant revenue. Traditional online advertising methods, like banner ads and brand sponsorships, are not as popular or lucrative… Read more

Our sourcing tools expert / sourcing superstar Dean “Finding What Cannot Be Found” Da Costa will be offering another chance to chat live about what sourcing tools work, which ones… Read more

Madgex Benchmarking Report Tell me if this conversation sounds familiar: “Our job board is not flexible. Our brand is not being represented and our target job seekers are not being… Read more

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