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Empowering Recruitment with a Personal Touch

In a world where recruiting teams are constantly asked to “do more with less,” AI-led automation and efficiency take priority over the human touch. However, recognizing the paramount importance of fostering relationships in talent acquisition can yield not only higher ROI but also create a better-prepared, and more diverse workforce that generates long-term value.

Join Geneva Scott, Sr. Director of the Career Center at CodePath, and Molly Gregware, Director of Early Career Recruiting and Programs at BILL, as they discuss BILL’s continued involvement in CodePath’s Internship Connection Program and share best practices on how to strategize, operationalize and monitor ROI for high-touch emerging talent recruiting initiatives.

You’ll learn:

  • How high-touch and “spray-and-pray” approaches complement each other for successful emerging talent recruiting.
  • Strategies to maximize the short and long-term results of high-touch, relationship-based recruiting programs.
  • Ideas to mobilize other departments to support emerging talent recruiting efforts.

Bridging Human Connection with Recruitment Innovation

This session will teach you the critical balance between automation and the invaluable human touch in recruitment. By integrating personal connections with advanced recruitment technologies, organizations can significantly enhance their talent acquisition strategies for a more diverse and effective workforce.


Presented By
Molly Gregware
Director of Early Career Recruiting & Programs BILL Follow
Geneva Scott
Senior Director, Career Center CodePath Follow

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