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HARDCORE SOURCING: Hacking Tech Talent

September 28 & 29, 2022

We’ve asked our trainers to highlight one sourcing hack/tip/trick to find specific candidates to fill particular positions. They have 30 minutes each.

The only restriction? No paid tools. All methods shared must be free for YOU to use at your own desk!

Past Events

June 2022

HRTX: Hiring Tech Talent

This event will break down the seven stages of a typical hiring process from three different perspectives: that of a technical sourcer, a technical recruiter, and a technical hiring manager, across four different roles and four different hiring scenarios.

  • DevOps Engineer (Backfill Position)
  • Front End Engineer (new hire, we had three, we’re adding a 4th)
  • Full Stack Developer (never hired before, new role, no idea)
  • Data Security Engineer (Inexperienced/Early Stage, will teach them)

On four different training stages, each training team will simultaneously demonstrate their approach for every step of the hiring process:

  • Job Description (Requisition)
  • Goal Setting (Expectations)
  • Finding Candidates (Sourcing)
  • Qualifying Candidates (Assessing)
  • Interviewing (Strategy and tactics)
  • Offer Letter (Acceptance metrics)
  • Post Mortem (What did we learn? Institutional knowledge)

March 2022

HRTX: Sourcing & Recruiting for Sourcers & Recruiters

We’ll have two trainers simultaneously source for each position. 
  • Campus Recruiter (University Relations)
  • Junior Sourcer (0-3 years of experience)
  • Diversity Recruiter
  • Technical Recruiter
  • Senior Sourcer (4-7 years of experience)
  • Recruiting Operations Specialist
  • Recruitment Marketing Specialist
  • TA Technology Specialist
  • Director of Recruiting (4-7 years of experience)
  • Director of People Operations
  • Head of Sourcing (8+ years of experience)
  • Head of Talent Acquisition (8+ years of experience) 
As the event is both finding and hiring, we’ll see how 24 of the world’s best sourcers do what they do.
In particular, how they “actually” work a req; problem solve, create intake Q&A, the tools they use, their communication strategies, and whittle down a list of potentials to a diverse and qualified shortlist of candidates.

December 2021

HRTX: Hardcore Technical Sourcing

For this event, we put the five globally most sought-after technical positions in front of 15 of the world’s best sourcers to work them live.

Each workshop has three trainers simultaneously sourcing one senior-level technical position.

September 2021

HRTX: Hardcore Sourcing

This #HRTX brought together 24+ industry-leading speakers and attendees from across the globe to explore the latest tips, tricks and methods for effective sourcing.

Featuring 31 different training sessions recorded over the two day event.

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