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Unleash your inner recruitment detective: HRTX December 2023

At this exclusive one-day event, we'll equip you with the tools to take your recruiting skills to the next level. Attendees will explore innovative approaches to talent acquisition, learn how to optimize processes under pressure, and gain insights into building high-performing recruitment teams.

Unleash your inner recruitment detective: HRTX December 2023

9 modules - 6+ hours. Features sessions with Alla Pavlova, Carrie Collier, Marc Hamel, Willena Long, Shally Steckerl, Ben Eubanks and more.
On demand

On Demand

Master AI in Recruiting: HRTX September 2023

Don't panic—AI isn't replacing you. The future of recruiting is here, and it’s powered by AI. If you missed the live event, here is your chance to catch up on all the insights and strategies.

Master AI in Recruiting: HRTX September 2023

14 modules - 8+ hours
On demand


How to Find the Talent Your Competitors Can’t

Don’t miss out on the chance to take your sourcing skills to the next level! Our exclusive two-week advanced sourcing masterclass taught by Shally Steckerl is now open for on demand, self-paced learning!

Sourcing Masterclass

4 lessons - 90 minutes each
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Unpack Your Skills at HRTX Summer Camp

Ready for a unique recruiting experience? HRTX June 2023 is your summer camp for mastering candidate sourcing, messaging, and neurodiversity in hiring. Don't miss our Talent Show and AMA!

#HRTX Virtual Sourcing & Recruiting Summer Camp

12 modules - 8+ hours
On Demand


Level Up Your Sourcing at HRTX March 2023

Join HRTX this March for a deep dive into sourcing essentials. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, our trainers offer insights to make you more efficient and effective.

Crash Course in Sourcing: HRTX March 2023

7 modules - 5:30 hours
On Demand

On Demand

Unlock 2023's Hottest Roles: HRTX Dec 2022

Missed HRTX? Catch 15+ hours of free expert tips on sourcing for 2023's toughest roles—from nursing to cybersecurity. All recordings now available!

HRTX December 2022: Hacking All Talent

31 modules - 15+ hours
On Demand

On Demand

50+ Hacks for Tech Talent: HRTX Sep 2022

Get the lowdown on sourcing top tech talent. Free hacks for 14 tech roles from DevOps to UI/UX. Don't miss these expert tips.

“Hacking Tech Talent” September 2022

67 modules - 15+ hours
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Here’s what you can expect at HRTX

All of our training events showcase the latest methods and strategies to help you do your job better, faster, and smarter.

Each event’s agenda is designed to bring you heavy-hitting, tactical training sessions by industry leaders.

We do training that gives you the tools and methods to up your sourcing and recruiting game, without investing in expensive tech.

Why Attend #HRTX?

Hiring is Tough.

That’s why attending an HRTX event can be such a game-changer. You’re investing in yourself and your career by learning from leading industry experts, making valuable connections, and staying in the loop with the latest trends. With all that knowledge and support, you’ll be better prepared to conquer the challenges of your role.


Our speakers are not just trainers, they are practitioners doing the job and experts in their field.


With a curriculum-based agenda, you’ll walk away with practical skills and insights that you can apply to your work right away.


Learn the latest trends, strategies and technology for recruiting, sourcing and talent acquisition.

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