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Brent Pearson, CEO of Enboarder, joins William Tincup to discuss the history and vision behind Enboarder, how it’s helped organizations create a fun and consistent onboarding experience and more.

Job seekers have been using technology for decades – but has the career equivalent of online dating really advanced with the times? Today, most job seekers rely on popular search… Read more

It turns out that social media isn’t a particularly effective hiring tool, a red flag for recruiters who may rely on this continually trending channel as a part of their… Read more

Jennifer Bealer of Progyny joins William Tincup to discuss pregnancy loss leave policies, and how to create a strategy that fosters a safe and healthy way for your employees to experience this unfortunately common, often unaddressed bereavement.

HR SaaS provider BambooHR unveiled product features designed to streamline the hiring and onboarding of new employees. With these features, BambooHR customers can leverage integrations with popular job boards, simplifying… Read more

William digs into Gable with Liza Mash Levin to discuss and learn about the company, which is considered the very first workspace-as-a-service platform.

Dispute Resolution Clause: Drop the Boilerplates One of the biggest misnomers in a creating dispute resolution clause for an employment contract is that the language needs to be a “one-size-fits-all”… Read more

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Identify & Eliminate Bias for Equitable & Inclusive Sourcing

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In this webinar, Textio VP of Talent Acquisition and DEI Jackye Clayton will detail how to cut unconscious bias from your sourcing strategies, and the technology, tools, and practices to reach your targets.


Gloat launched new career agility products for front-line employees, which use the company’s AI platform to help workers uncover career opportunities within their organizations while helping businesses attract, and retain,… Read more

The humanpredictions tool is a fantastic sourcing solution built for finding the world’s best tech talent. Thanks to its datasets that enable highly personalized messaging and predictions on candidate movement,… Read more

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