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William Tincup speaks with Annie Lin, VP of people at Lever, about the company’s findings in their 2021 State of DEI Report.

Nearly 75% of employees working in digital fields expect to leave their current role in the near future, and 40% of them are already job hunting. The main drivers: improving… Read more

Evaluating candidates according to their skills and not their CVs is the new consensus. Everyone agrees that skill-based assessments are the best way to guarantee a qualified and skilled candidate… Read more

William Tincup speaks with Meredith Bell, founder and president of Performance Support Systems and host of the Grow Strong Leaders podcast. They discuss how to create a coaching culture in the workplace. 

Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks and William Tincup talk about how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing KeepWOL, and experiential talent development platform that maximizes cultural intelligence in the workplace.

Is the Driver Shortage About to Ease as Transport & Logistics Applications Rise? We’ve all seen the headlines proclaiming that Christmas will be ruined yet again this year — but… Read more

Employees are becoming less likely to leave their current job for another employer, even though they’ve grown more pessimistic about their chances of switching to a new role within their… Read more

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Fed up with the state of hiring and looking for a clear path through the wreckage? Join this open discussion and Q&A with William Tincup and Naveen Miglani. You'll walk away with at least 5 things you should know for Recruiting and Retention success in 2022.


William Tincup speaks with Judy Ellis, SVP, of DE&I Advisory at AMS, about how successful DE&I values each individual throughout their employment lifecycle. 

William Tincup invites renowned thought leader Marcus Buckingham to discuss the HRXPS and how to measure the performance and impact of HR through the lens of employee experience.

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Remote Hiring Survival Guide


If you’re hiring for remote work, you need this Remote Hiring Survival Guide. In this hour long session, Shally Steckerl breaks down some of the biggest challenges in hiring for remote work.

Recruitment Automation and the Job Seeker Perspective


In this session, Greg Hawkes covers resources, tools, and ways to automate recruitment workflows to elevate outreach response rates and ensure an optimal candidate experience.

The Great Resignation: What Happens Next?


Shally Steckerl presents a straight-forward action plan on how to manage a candidate shortage, craft and protect your employment brand, and provide a stellar candidate experience that attracts quality talent in wake of the Great Resignation.

State of Candidate Experience: 2021 Benchmarks


As an employer, it’s up to you to evolve the candidate experience and maintain a competitive edge. Take a look at the latest candidate experience trends reported by Fortune 500 prospects, from finding a job post to submitting an application.

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