Many candidates perusing the job market are simply looking for a role that offers great benefits and allows them to pay the bills. However, for many folks, the right career is more than a high salary and good healthcare. They are looking for a position that allows them to truly make a difference while excelling in their chosen career path.

Recruiters are in a unique position where they can create a career-matching process that connects candidates with positions that change lives. For career paths that emphasize social impact and professional growth, the recruitment process must be refined accordingly. This article will explore the ways recruiters can optimize recruitment strategies to match candidates with positions that best suit their long-term goals, interests, and aspirations while allowing them to make change in their industry and community.

Refining Recruitment Strategies for Optimal Career Matching

When beginning the recruitment process for a role, it is crucial to understand the same practices will not work for every position. Refining these practices to find the best way to pair a candidate with a role that is personally fulfilling will lead to success for every party involved.

Changing the Interview Process

An innovative way to link companies with the perfect candidate is to offer some freedom and flexibility during the interview process. Some companies allow prospective employees to pick their own interview format, ideally during the final interview. This format can be through a personal presentation, a workshop, or another hands-on, creative pursuit so the hiring team can really understand how a candidate operates under the best conditions. This is also a great way for candidates to figure out if the company truly fits with their personality and working style.

Lifestyle Matching

Right off the bat, it is important to create a job listing that attracts the type of candidate who would benefit and perform well for the role you’re recruiting for. This means making it clear to candidates that this role will and does align with their current beliefs and lifestyle.

Emphasizing job culture is key – if a candidate does not fit the company culture, they will likely have a hard time finding success there, even if they are more than qualified for the position. Outline the environment and be specific – does the company emphasize diversity and inclusion? Are business practices rooted in sustainability? Is community outreach an essential tenet of business practices? These are important items that directly affect an individual’s lifestyle and can really make or break the success of a team member down the road.

It can also be helpful to detail what the company does to make a positive environmental or social impact. Mention how the business is making an effort to be fully carbon neutral or if a portion of annual profits are donated to certain organizations. It is even better if you can describe how a candidate can grow within the company to have a more direct influence on these efforts while elevating their career at the same time.

Upgrading the Employee Onboarding Process

The onboarding process can have a profound effect on new employee feelings of fulfillment and their chances of success. To overcome challenges in the onboarding process, new employees should be welcomed and encouraged to ask questions to get easily familiar with the company culture and daily practices. Finding answers to these questions should also be easy. Training can be a mix of digital and in-person modules to allow new hires to get personal experience with work while allowing them to bond with other coworkers and spend time alone getting familiar with business processes.

To help new hires get better acclimated to their new environment, companies can consider offering team-building events every few months, or even a small welcome celebration for recently onboarded team members. Opportunities for connection and support are crucial for employee retention and boosting overall morale for the long haul.

Professionally and Socially Fulfilling Career Options

If you are working with a candidate who has expressed the importance of working in a position that allows for visible social impact and professional growth, there are a few different high-paying career options you can match them with.

First, the medical industry offers a variety of roles where individuals can feel great about their work while rapidly excelling in the workplace. Roles like RNs, NPs, and CNAs offer opportunities for collaborative work in a hospital or a facility and the chance to transition into independent work by opening your own business. People in these positions can actively guide others on a path to health while allocating patients and clientele for future career pursuits.

Second, occupational therapy is another industry that is experiencing rapid growth. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking to offer support to those with disabilities or physical obstacles. Occupational therapists can develop lasting relationships with others and change their physical health for the better, making it one of the most rewarding career options out there.

Lastly, connecting candidates to jobs in education can be a particularly rewarding job match that offers flexibility and annual career advancement. School guidance counselor roles are experiencing a projected 5% growth within the next 10 years. Individuals can work with students directly to help them figure out what their plans are goals are both during and after the completion of their education.

The Takeaway

Career matching is an art, but it doesn’t have to be a complex ordeal. Candidates who are aiming to make a difference in the world are looking to be matched with job opportunities that speak to their morals while providing them with a sense of daily contentment and stability.

By employing the right tools to understand each candidate’s personality and goals, and by reevaluating the recruitment process for each individual role, helping prospective hires find personal and career fulfillment can be a largely accessible endeavor.


Ainsley Lawrence

Ainsley Lawrence is a freelance writer from the Pacific Northwest. She is interested in better living through technology and education. She loves traveling to beautiful places and is frequently lost in a mystery podcast.


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