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Dispute Resolution Clause: Drop the Boilerplates One of the biggest misnomers in a creating dispute resolution clause for an employment contract is that the language needs to be a “one-size-fits-all”… Read more

Better experience equals happier employees. Today, Melissa Swisher of Socrates speaks with William Tincup about the relationship between experiences and retention.

Jahanzaib Ansari, CEO and co-founder of Knockri, speaks with William Tincup talk about why he helped found the company and how practitioners make the use case for purchasing this AI behavioral skills assessment software.

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Vidya Santhanam and Kashi KS join William Tincup to discuss what makes Fitbots uniquely valuable and how practitioners can make the business case or the use case for purchasing the software.

In this webinar, Elizabeth Lembke teaches us how to adapt and thrive in this #NowOfWork ecosystem. How can Recruiters and TA tap in to the mindset to approach talent more broadly, nimbly, and with a mind on thriving?

Lay the Foundation When you work in human resources (HR), you wear a lot of hats. You’re both entrepreneur and coach, teacher and cheerleader, psychologist and fortune-teller. You have to… Read more

Hakimu Davidson, Ryan Leary and Brian Fink discussing how recruiters can effectively place their candidates in a position to succeed.

Bill Armstrong and William Tincup discuss conquering the U.S. worker shortage through international hiring.

On October 12, 2021, Jenny Cotie Kangas “JCK” brings her energy and enthusiasm to define and break down the foundational aspects and mindset of using Agile in Talent Acquisition. You’ll… Read more

During this episode, Liz Eddy and I talk about how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing Lantern.

With an unemployment rate of only 5.2%, rushing to fill positions with less qualified talent can be tempting. Despite the jump-to-hire pressure recruiters face, it’s more about the long game,… Read more

Dispute Resolution Clause: Missing in Action When the head of talent acquisition at a well-known e-commerce company hired a mid-level software engineer four years ago, she mechanically sent the employment… Read more

Larry Dunivan & William Tincup discuss The 2021 Voluntary Termination Study by Namely and what the data predicts about The Great Resignation.

In this webinar, Textio VP of Talent Acquisition and DEI Jackye Clayton will detail how to cut unconscious bias from your sourcing strategies, and the technology, tools, and practices to reach your targets.

Nurse staffing agencies can create flexible job opportunities to help entry-level nurses build out their resumes and gain experience. Partnering with hospitals is only one aspect of running a successful… Read more

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