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Hakimu Davidson, Ryan Leary and Brian Fink discussing how recruiters can effectively place their candidates in a position to succeed.

Canvas, a recruiting platform that focuses on diversity hiring, closed a $50 million Series C round, giving the company a valuation of $400 million. At the same time, it launched… Read more

Talent marketplace Hired launch a new sourcing tool, Diversity Goals, designed to provide companies of all sizes with a simplified process for sourcing and engaging underrepresented technology candidates. The product… Read more

In this webinar, Textio VP of Talent Acquisition and DEI Jackye Clayton will detail how to cut unconscious bias from your sourcing strategies, and the technology, tools, and practices to reach your targets.

Alla Pavlova takes Ryan Leary and Brian Fink to virtual class, sharing tips and tricks for online team sourcing sessions.

Secure your spot today for #HRTX HARDCORE SOURCING, the largest free sourcing training event of the year. This #HRTX will bring together 24+ industry-leading speakers plus attendees from across the globe to explore the latest tips, tricks and methods for effective sourcing.

Ronnie Bratcher takes Ryan & Brian on a deep dive into The Fifth Dimension of Sourcing. What is the fifth dimension of sourcing, you ask? That’s a great question – and it’s what you’re here to learn.

  On today’s episode of The RecruitingDaily Podcast, we have Shon Burton on board to discuss how we’ll employ the use of AI in recruiting after COVID finally takes its… Read more

It’s Global TA Day As our rock spins today, we collectively celebrate the hardworking, colorful individuals who create the TA industry. Naturally, we’ve invited an incredible guest, Denise Bindelglass, to join… Read more

New industry research stated that early experiments with artificial intelligence in talent acquisition have led to broader deployments, providing enhanced automation for TA operations. That’s a fancy way of saying… Read more

In the early throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a lot of talk about what job recovery would look like. Would it be V-shaped? U-shaped? Maybe a W? So… Read more

During this episode, Jayne and I talk about how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing GR8 People.

The repercussions of the pandemic were overwhelming for hiring organizations across the globe. In a matter of weeks, talent acquisition leaders were forced to reexamine hiring strategies and adapt to… Read more

We delve into an overview of DevOps with Sam Perera and why it’s such a hot commodity. If you are like many sourcers and find yourself neck-deep in DevOps requisitions, this one’s for you.

How the heck do you plan ahead when you’re almost out of InMails? Mikey Weil lets us in on the secret sauce.

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