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All about sourcing and finding talent. Learn sourcing strategies, tips, tools, tricks, and hacks to make your day to day a little easier.


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Join Jenna Aronow (she/her), Founder of Aronow.io, to learn strategic email practices that will nurture passive candidate relationships.

Join Marc Hamel, Principal Sourcer at Amazon, as we combine all of the work-from-home knowledge we’ve gathered to create a sourcing team hotter than your grandma’s homemade dinner rolls.

Join Marvin Booker, AKA “The Sourcing Jedi,” for 60 minutes of unrivaled training on how to master live souring during take. Discover ways in which you can proactively pre-search, source, and come better prepared to your intake meetings.

Excel Powertools Shally Steckerl

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that data has transformed HR over the last decade, especially the talent acquisition (TA) function. The introduction of better analytics solutions and AI-powered… Read more

Jer Langhans puts the microscope on 15 sourcing hacks you’ve been using since 2015. He shows you which are still functioning and which are a waste of time, and in turn, gives you rundown on how to source talent outside of LinkedIN and your ATS with hacks that really work.

Most industry sourcers have a certain degree of familiarity with Dean Da Costa.  You might know him from his training videos, SHRM presentations, or from his ability to hunt down… Read more

Join Shally Steckerl for a step-by-step walk through of the most useful recruiting and sourcing shortcuts in Excel Powertools.

A certification is usually a surefire way of knowing a candidate’s capabilities.  Across most industries there’s a vast array of these milestones, and the database scene is no exception. MongoDB… Read more

There is an old story I heard once that relates perfectly to TA leadership. It’s of a young farmhand looking for work.  During the interview the would-be farmhand was asked, “Why… Read more

There are many parallel universes, and we’re lucky enough to live in one where the great Dean Da Costa resides. Today’s nugget of wisdom might just be his 9th symphony:… Read more

Fully a third (33%) of C-Suite and Human Capital leaders in life sciences and pharmaceuticals say scarcity is a major pain point in their search for talent, and it’s exacerbated… Read more

What are some strategies for sourcing candidates through conversations? We asked hiring managers and experienced talent acquisition professionals in order to get their best insights. From making your message stand… Read more

On today’s episode of the RecruitingDaily Podcast, William Tincup speaks to Dr. Carr from Walmart.org and Tiesa from the Responsible Business Initiative for Justice about unlocking potential: how employers can use… Read more

Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 226. Today we have Nick from Honeit about the use case or business case for why his customers use Honeit. Honeit automatically records, transcribes… Read more

On today’s episode of the RecruitingDaily Podcast, William Tincup speaks to  Vanessa Raath about the need for talent sourcing on a global scale. Some Conversation Highlights: So what’s interesting to… Read more

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Excel Powertools Shally Steckerl

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