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Recruiting tools to help you boost your recruiting and sourcing workflow. An assortment of paid and free tools, each with a quick overview of what they do and how they work.


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No matter your talent level, repetitively using the same technologies over and over again in the Sourcing world will bite you in the ass. You’ll inevitably reach a point where… Read more

Webbtree is quite a unique find. There seems to be a lot of sourcing platforms; so many that it would be hard to recommend a specific one. So, how does… Read more

There’s hidden leads all across the digital globe, don’t be suckered into thinking that sourcing platforms are the only way to do this job! SO, what does a Journalism website… Read more

The top geeks at Google are a bunch of sneaky devils.  They hold in their hands the most powerful search engine on the planet, yet low-key don’t bother explaining its… Read more

Social Searcher is an advanced tool that can scour the internet for all of someone’s social media accounts. Power and convenience all in one.

Software developers are one of those rare breeds of talent that companies just can’t hire enough of. Just when you think that the industry is reaching an equilibrium, you get… Read more

If you’re a search connoisseur, it’s nearly mandatory to have an assortment of OSINT search toolkits in your sourcing utility belt. Keeping track of which one does what is quite… Read more

As any experienced headhunter can attest, the best coders are usually the most passionate about their profession. These are the folks who keep their heads down and get things done…. Read more

The search platform promises to enhance content discoverability and search speed for professionals from across a variety of sectors. This tool is the best of the best when it… Read more

LinkedIn Xray Search by Recruitment Geek lets you dramatically speed up your LinkedIn headhunting.  You can easily sift through this database of LinkedIn profiles by combining a host of candidate… Read more

For any outreach expert, email validation is one of those things that you can’t skip out on. Your outreach campaign could fall on deaf ears if you don’t weed out… Read more

The ICE Patrol by Wikileaks is an online database of over 9,000 ICE agents. You can use this tool to search ICE profiles for sourcing or recruiting government employees. The… Read more

During your headhunting adventures, you may come across an interesting individual that checks all your boxes. But no matter how much you try, you just can’t find any way to… Read more

Having crossed a monumental milestone of 2 billion monthly active users recently, Instagram is one of the biggest social platforms out there.  Knowing how to Instagram profile search is now… Read more

SeekOut Insights is one of those tools that just keep getting better and better. With another major update, this recruiter’s swiss army knife is back with some powerful new features. … Read more

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