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  … Explained in <3 Minutes!   Pressed for time? Here are the best practices to keep in mind when buying an ATS, right alongside the most common mistakes and how… Read more

Recruiter Enablement (Part 2) In this follow up to a previous article I wrote here introducing the concept of recruiter enablement and explaining its vital importance, here are 62 easy-to-implement… Read more

Learn how AI applications streamline the talent acquisition process, augment ATS, reduce bias, and improve hiring outcomes.

Consider the three primary reasons for using TikTok in recruiting and targeting Generation Z.

We’re gearing up for another HRTX event! Join us on April 25th. We kick off at 10 am ET. Here’s the details: Since our HRTX event last September, AI has… Read more

Learn how AI applications streamline the talent acquisition process, augment ATS, reduce bias, and improve hiring outcomes.

The discussion focused on the importance of building relationships with Gen Z candidates and adopting a high-touch recruitment approach, particularly for underrepresented talent in tech.

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized how many businesses operate, leaving many unanswered questions about its impact in the workplace. AI has led to unprecedented technological advancements and… Read more

Hiring an appropriate fit for a company requires a lot of time and brainstorming. Hiring managers have a great responsibility to choose from hundreds of options for a single position…. Read more

Storytelling About Setuply With Rachel Lyubovitzky Are you tired of the same old manual and time-consuming client onboarding processes? Looking for a way to make this crucial step smoother and… Read more

Storytelling About Confirm With Josh Merrill Are you tired of outdated and ineffective performance management methods?  Today, William Tincup interviews Josh Merrill, the co-founder and CEO of Confirm to tackle this very issue…. Read more

Storytelling About Pendella With Bob Gaydos Have you ever wondered how to provide better coverage for your employees beyond the traditional group insurance plans? Well, in this podcast episode, Bob Gaydos… Read more

Storytelling About PropulsionAI With Scott Morris Have you ever wondered why people end up in jobs that are 100 percent not the right fit for them? Scott Morris, founder of PropulsionAI, has… Read more

Storytelling About UrbanSitter With Lynn Perkins Whats the best way a company can help support their working parents? In this episode, William Tincup interviews Lynn Perkins, the CEO and co-founder of UrbanSitter…. Read more

Storytelling About Leantime With Gloria Folaron Welcome to the Use Case Podcast! William Tincup interviews the esteemed Gloria Folaron, CEO and co-founder of Leantime. They discuss Gloria’s crazy transition from nursing to… Read more

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