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Eightfold AI partners with Tata Consultancy, beqom announces product upgrades, TeamSense launches Text-to-Apply, mCubed to partner with LUX interactive, RPO Hire Velocity rolls out ProIQ and more.

Dr. Rolf Illenberger and William Tincup talk about how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing VRdirect, a platform that enables enterprises to create use case-driven virtual reality solutions.

William Tincup speaks with Trung Tran, founder & CEO of Amplio, a platform designed to support people in making better decisions, specifically by assisting with data analysis to help employers and employees avoid burnout.

Agility and Velocity in Tech Recruiting Welcome to part two of a three-part series written to help you shift into high-speed recruiting in a candidate’s market. In the first piece… Read more

Nathan Rawlins, CMO of Lucid Software, speaks with William Tincup about this end-to-end visual collaboration suite that uses a shared visual language to clearly define roles, responsibilities and processes. 

HCM Talent Technology October 8, 2021: Gem closed $100 million Series C funding, JobAdder’s new LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration, Sense launched its platform’s AI Chatbot and more.

Thanh Nguyen, founder of OpenComp, and William Tincup discuss how the platform empowers high-growth companies, helping to solve the problems around pay with trusted market data, planning, analytics and professional consultation in a single, simple hub.

CareerArc unveiled a new version of its recruiting platform, claiming that it’s the only social media publishing tool that syncs job data from an ATS to automatically create and publish… Read more

When we talk about the progression of COVID-19, we often talk in terms of waves. The first wave, the second wave and so on. Parallel to this thinking, we’ve seen… Read more

Ekow Sanni-Thomas and William Tincup talk about how practitioners make the use case for purchasing inside voices, a platform that allows employees to leave anonymous feedback specifically on matters of DEIB.

iCIMS announced the Internal Opportunity Marketplace, a new module that connects employees to internal job opportunities and helps them build a long-term career within their current company. The Marketplace is… Read more

Tech Recruiting in the COVID Era The pandemic has proven that digitalization has been here all along. We simply needed to use it. With the sudden radical call for new… Read more

During this episode, Shihab Muhammed and William Tincup discuss SurveySparrow, an omnichannel experience management platform designed to heighten engagement, inspire performance and achieve solutions.

William Tincup and Charlie Schilling discuss the Emeritus 2021 Global Career Impact Survey results. How has COVID affected the desire to upskill? Do organizations benefit from online course offerings in terms of branding and culture? And more.

HCM Talent Technology October 1, 2021: This week’s industry news from Brazen, EightfoldAI, Diversely, Oyster, Jobvite, Crosschq,, Workday, TalentNet and more.

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