Event Details
Date April 25, 2024 10:00 am ET
Duration One Day
Location https://www.crowdcast.io/c/hrtx-2024-april

We’re gearing up for another HRTX event! Join us on April 25th. We kick off at 10 am ET.

Here’s the details: Since our HRTX event last September, AI has not slowed its roll. We’re no longer having it knock on the door – now it’s kicking it down.

Basically, we have to prepare ourselves to face this new reality – or be left behind.

Join us – it’s free – and we’ll cover what you need to know TODAY to navigate the recruiting landscape. Your career could be at stake.

Agenda and Speakers:

Shally Steckerl: The Ethical Landscape of AI in Recruitment: Building a Fair and Bias-Free Talent Acquisition Strategy

Gabi Preston-Phypers: Beyond the Hype: Practical Applications of AI in Recruitment Across All Industries

Jim Miller: The Automation Revolution: How AI is Streamlining Recruitment Tasks and Transforming the Sourcing Game

Adam Treitler: Data-Driven Decisions, Automated Workflows: Optimizing Your Recruitment Process with AI

Jeremy Schiff: From Sci-Fi to Reality: Leveraging Generative AI to Supercharge Your Recruiting Pipeline

Brendan Cross-Williams: Future-Proofing Your Recruitment Strategy: Mastering the Art of Human-AI Collaboration

Let’s face the future together.

Key Takeaways:

  • FREE AI TOOLS FOR YOUR STACK – Learn about a range of AI tools that you can seamlessly integrate into your existing toolkit, enhancing your recruitment efficiency and effectiveness – all for free!
  • USING AI AND AUTOMATION TO LAND YOUR DREAM JOB – Learn how to use AI-driven job searching and streamline your job hunt with automation.
    Explore innovative strategies to leverage AI technologies and maximize your job opportunities.
  • ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE IN RECRUITMENT – We’ll take an in-depth look at the ethical considerations surrounding AI in recruitment. Understand the importance of compliance and responsible practices in utilizing AI tools and automation, ensuring fairness and equity in talent acquisition.

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