Event Details
Date April 17, 2024 2:00 pm ET
Duration 60 minutes

This webinar covers the fundamentals of AI and how AI applications are being used to streamline the talent acquisition and recruiting process, augment ATS databases with high-value candidate information, and improve hiring outcomes.

Topics covered include:

  • Get an overview of AI basics and how ChatGPT works
  • Emerging AI regulation and how it applies to HR
  • Understand the balance between AI and human bias
  • How interview intelligence and generative AI can streamline the hiring process
Presented By
Richard Mendis
CMO HireLogic

Richard has over 25 years of enterprise software experience, and is currently the CMO at HireLogic, a leader in AI-powered interview intelligence. He is a frequent speaker on AI topics and a member of the INCITS AI group which helps develop responsible AI standards such as ISO 42001.


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