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Date September 28, 2023 9:00 am ET
Duration One Day
Location Virtual

AI in Recruiting: Why You Should Stop Freaking Out and Start Tuning In

Is the chatter about AI taking over your job giving you sleepless nights? You’re not alone. A recent study by Corndel, as reported by HR News, found that a whopping 61% of young UK workers are convinced they’ll be replaced by robots by 2023. Yikes!

But hold on a sec. Before you start packing up your desk, let’s get real.

Introducing #HRTX: Don’t Panic. We’ve crafted this event to be your ultimate guide to AI in recruiting, and spoiler alert: it’s not about the machines taking over. It’s about you and AI becoming the dynamic duo your workplace didn’t know it needed.

What’s the Real Deal?

The future of recruiting isn’t a sci-fi movie. It’s about you and AI teaming up to kick some serious butt. We’re talking about harnessing AI to amplify—not replace—your human awesomeness.

Meet the Experts:

  • Katrina Collier: Balance tech and touch by using AI intentionally – without losing your human magic.
  • Vanessa Raath: Get ready to revolutionize your sourcing game with AI tools that actually work.
  • Maisha Cannon will shed light on mastering candidate engagement and screening using AI.
  • Blair Fambro: Think AI can’t help with diversity? Think again. Blair’s got the lowdown.
  • David Marr: He’s your go-to guy for future-proofing your career in this brave new world.
  • Dean Da Costa and Steve Levy: These two will be your tour guides in a live Q&A, spilling all the sourcing hacks you never knew you needed.
  • Katrina Kibben: will school you on why AI can’t replace the human touch when it comes to job postings.

Why Should You Care?

This isn’t just another snooze-fest conference. It’s a blend of real talk, expert insights, and networking that doesn’t suck. It’s not just about understanding AI; it’s about making AI work for you.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Don’t. We’ve got your back. Join us on September 28, 2023, and be part of the conversation that’s shaping the future of recruiting. The live event is free to attend, so there’s no excuse to miss out.

Want to relive the magic? You can upgrade your ticket for just $99 to get on-demand access to all the recordings. Trust us, it’s a steal for the treasure trove of knowledge you’ll gain.

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Vanessa Raath
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Katrina Collier
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Maisha Cannon
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Katrina Kibben
Author | Speaker | CEO and Founder Three Ears Media Follow Follow
Blair Fambro
Sr. DEI Recruitment Strategist - Engineering Johnson Controls Follow Follow
David Marr
Talent Sourcing | Recruiting Strategist & Tactician | Diversity Ambassador Follow Follow
Dean Da Costa
The Search Authority | Enterprise Sourcing Lockheed Martin Follow Follow
Steve Levy
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Brian Fink
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