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Dean DaCosta, the Search Authority, reveals his latest sourcing tools and techniques for our exclusive Insider’s session. For those who attended and those tuning in for the first time, prepare to dive deep into a well of sourcing knowledge!

Dean kicked off the session sharing actionable tips on diversity sourcing. Discover how a Boolean string builder can be your weapon of choice to target more diverse candidate pools efficiently.

But that’s not all! Dean took us on a tour of his Sourcing Links tool, showcasing its different versions and capabilities. It’s not just a tool; it’s your new sourcing companion aiming to simplify your workflow.

Venture further into the realm of sourcing with Dean as he unveils advanced search string examples for unearthing resumes and profiles on platforms like Google, Slideshare, and LinkedIn. (It’s about getting the right information, from the right places, at the right time.)

Chrome extensions were the stars of the show as Dean highlighted tools like Search Link Preview, Double Shot, and ID Crawl to optimize your search process. The session also touched on leveraging ChatGPT for prompts, analyzing layoff spreadsheets with Airtable Extractor, and employing facial recognition with Facecheck ID. (A real smorgasbord of tools and techniques to elevate your sourcing game!)

Don’t just stop here! Hit play, dive into the on-demand recording, and equip yourself with a plethora of sourcing tools and techniques mentioned during the session. It’s time to advance your sourcing strategies with the insights shared by Dean Da Costa. (As Dean says, ‘May the SOURCE be with you!’)

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