Time can be a strategic advantage for securing top talent.

In the current competitive environment of hiring, swiftly responding to applications is a crucial strategy for employers aiming to draw and keep the best talent. Candidates now anticipate rapid feedback from companies and often prefer outright rejection over being left without any response, commonly referred to as ‘ghosting,’ during the recruitment process.

Achieving fast response times, however, is easier said than done. Today’s recruitment scenario often overwhelms companies with a massive influx of applications per job posting, making it a daunting task to handle this flood of potential hires. Yet, amidst this overflow, promptly replying to applications remains a top priority. Quick responses not only convey respect towards the applicants, fostering a positive impression but also distinctly mark a company as an attractive employer, capable of drawing superior talent. This post delves into the reasons why, despite the surge of applications, maintaining swift response times is essential and how it substantially enhances a company’s hiring process.

Delayed responses to applicants can lead to a negative experience for potential hires

In recruitment, making a good first impression is critical. Respecting the time and effort of candidates by responding swiftly from the outset enhances their experience positively. Even if the final decision is to reject, promptly informing candidates about their status demonstrates that the employer values their interest and recognizes their application. This approach builds goodwill and leaves candidates with a favorable view of the company, which is vital for building a strong employer brand and attracting future talent.

In a survey of nearly 3,000 job seekers, the most significant factor contributing to a negative experience was being ghosted by employers after submitting applications, followed by not receiving timely updates (within 5-7 business days) on their application status. The industry norm for average response time currently stands at 17 days—if every applicant is responded to, which far exceeds the one-week expectation. However, users of RippleMatch manage to enhance candidate experiences by responding to all applicants within an average of 5 days, with the best-performing users doing so in just one day. RippleMatch’s recruitment software enables quicker candidate review and response, allowing companies to promptly communicate with all applicants and then allocate more time to top prospects.

Long response times can also negatively impact your employer brand

In today’s highly connected world, a negative hiring experience can quickly be shared online or within personal networks, potentially damaging your reputation among top talent. On the other hand, being known for rapid and respectful responses can greatly improve your image as a preferred employer. Positive reviews and feedback about your application process can attract more and better-quality candidates.

Leaving candidates uncertain can cause you to miss out on excellent talent

The longer the wait between candidates submitting their applications and receiving updates on their progress, the higher the likelihood that they might lose interest or seek other opportunities. Delayed responses can cause candidate attrition. By offering timely feedback, you demonstrate your commitment to a swift hiring process, reducing the chance of losing qualified candidates due to delays. Immediate responses can lead candidates to perceive your company as proactive, organized, and genuinely interested in them as individuals, making your organization a more attractive option.

Prioritizing rapid response times allows you to focus on hiring outstanding candidates

A quick application response time optimizes and speeds up the hiring process. With prompt replies, employers can quickly identify qualified candidates, conduct interviews, and expedite the selection process. Reducing the time-to-hire not only conserves resources, crucial for smaller talent teams, but also helps secure top candidates before they accept other offers. Investing in a prompt and courteous application response process is crucial for the future success of your organization. Employing advanced AI-driven recruitment software, like RippleMatch, aids recruiters in faster candidate feedback. RippleMatch’s technology automates applicant reviews, allowing for rapid responses and securing top talent ahead of competitors. Additionally, by reducing review times by 70%, our technology provides your team with more time to focus on strategic initiatives within your organization.



Kate Beckman

Kate Beckman leads community engagement and talent insights at RippleMatch, a comprehensive platform for early career hiring. In her role at RippleMatch, Kate facilitates conversations and community among talent acquisition and campus recruiting leaders and publishes data-driven insights on the next generation of talent. Prior to her role at RippleMatch, Kate was the founder and Editor of a national online publication for college students, an expert speaker on Gen Z consumers, and a writer for Cosmopolitan's 'Careers' vertical.


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