In the quest to create a more engaging recruitment process, we’ve gathered insights from top professionals, including talent acquisition specialists and CEOs. They share empowering strategies, from offering personalized feedback to fostering participation via transparent communication, that put candidates in the driver’s seat. Discover how these approaches have transformed the recruitment experience, starting with personalized feedback and culminating in fostering candidate participation.

Offer Personalized Feedback 

I make sure candidates feel like they’re in the driver’s seat of their job search. One way I do this is through consistent, personalized feedback.

After each step, I try to share as much insight as I can on their performance and discuss their career goals; whenever possible, I reach out to share any tips I may have regarding upcoming interviews. I also try to make it a collaborative experience.

This approach empowers candidates, giving them a better understanding of where they stand and helping them shape their journey with the company we’re partnering with. It’s a small effort that goes a long way in building a positive connection throughout the recruitment process.

Alejandra Canizares
Talent Acquisition Specialist, HopHR

Allow Candidates to Choose Their Interview Format

Empowering candidates to actively participate in their recruitment journey is pivotal for creating a positive and engaging experience.

At a tech startup I worked with, we implemented an approach where candidates could choose the format of their final interview. Instead of a traditional question-and-answer session, candidates were given the option to present a project relevant to the role they were applying for, participate in a problem-solving workshop or engage in a more conventional interview format.

This approach empowered candidates by giving them control over how they wanted to showcase their skills and compatibility with the role. For instance, one candidate, applying for a marketing position, chose to present a comprehensive marketing strategy for one of our products. This not only demonstrated her strategic thinking and creativity but also her understanding of our product and market.

This strategy was effective because it allowed candidates to play to their strengths and engage in a way that was most comfortable for them, leading to a more authentic assessment of their abilities. It also provided us with deeper insights into their potential and fit for the role.

Niclas Schlopsna
Managing Consultant and CEO, spectup

Enhance with Real-Time Application Tracking 

Empowering candidates to actively participate in and shape their recruitment journey is a crucial aspect of modern hiring practices. In my experience, one effective way to do this is through transparent and interactive communication throughout the recruitment process.

For example, at a previous company, we implemented a platform that allowed candidates to track their application status in real-time. This system provided them with detailed information at each stage, from application receipt to interview scheduling and feedback. Candidates could also use this platform to schedule or reschedule interviews, submit any additional information and ask questions directly to the recruitment team.

This approach significantly empowered candidates by giving them control and visibility over their application process. It made the experience more collaborative, with candidates feeling more engaged and valued. The qualitative feedback from candidates highlighted their appreciation for the transparency and ease of communication, which also reflected positively on our employer brand.

Quantitatively, we observed an increase in the number of candidates who completed the application process and a decrease in the time taken to fill positions. This approach improved candidate satisfaction and efficiency in the recruitment process.

I recommend this strategy to other businesses as it fosters a more candidate-centric recruitment experience, which can significantly enhance the quality of hire and bolster the company’s reputation as an employer of choice.

Jaskaran Deu
Director, DEU Estates

Provide Detailed Interview Feedback 

I empower candidates by actively involving them in the recruitment process. For example, I provide detailed feedback after interviews, allowing candidates to understand their performance and areas for improvement.

This approach not only helps them in their current application but also aids their long-term career development, giving them a sense of control and participation in shaping their recruitment journey.

Josh Steppling
Broker Associate, Treasure Coast Real Estate

Foster Participation via Transparent Communication 

Candidates are more likely to feel empowered when they are given the knowledge, transparency and chances to actively participate in and shape their own recruitment journey.

For example, transparent communication and feedback are crucial in the hiring process. Clear job descriptions and a transparent recruitment process help candidates make informed decisions about the position, aligning with their skills and career goals. This transparency helps prepare candidates for interviews, assessments and other hiring steps.

Regular updates on application status, interactive interviews, and skill-assessment opportunities are essential for a successful recruitment process. Feedback on application status, whether positive or negative, shows respect for candidates’ time and effort.

Two-way conversations allow candidates to showcase their skills and experiences, while practical assessments or work samples provide a fair evaluation. Promoting diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process demonstrates a commitment to creating an inclusive workplace. Providing equal opportunities for candidates from diverse backgrounds contributes to a more empowering and equitable process.

Vikas Kaushik
CEO, TechAhead