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Come on Down! We’re on a Quest for the Best

The hunt for top talent is no small feat. Afterall, we call them “Unicorns” for a reason.

Finding that elusive fit can be exhilarating, but sometimes it feels like spinning the wheel of fortune. You never know where you may land. Luckily, hiring strategy is our favorite game, and you’re our next contender. We’re here to show you how skills-focused recruiting, backed by powerful job descriptions, can lead your company to success.

Put on your game face – time to have some fun!

Let’s Make a Deal: Skills-Focused Job Descriptions

In this engaging, game show-themed webinar, your hosts Katie Jenkins, Global Skills-Edge Product Director at Mercer, Don Berman, VP Sales & Chief Evangelist at JDXpert, and William Tincup, President at RecruitingDaily, turn the tables on traditional hiring practices.

Listen in as we break free from the constraints of traditional job-fit evaluations and unlock the power of a skills-focused approach. Discover the benefits of and the strategies to implement prioritizing essential skills over conventional measures.

Get ready to elevate your hiring process to new heights with insights from these industry leaders.

The “Fast Money” Round

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Double Jeopardy: Learn how a skills-first strategy bridges the skills gap, setting it apart from the typical trivia of traditional job descriptions.

Phone a Friend: Discover how AI can assist in crafting job descriptions, accelerating the process, and boosting efficiency.

The Price is Right: Realize how skill-oriented job descriptions can help you attract and retain a diverse “contestant pool” (workforce), stimulate engagement, and ensure fair compensation.

Final Answer: Find Your Unicorn Today!

Hey, we know talent acquisition is not all fun and games. But shifting to a skills-first approach may just be the “bonus round” you need to attract those elusive unicorns.

Discover how to transition to a skills-first approach and leverage the often-underestimated resource – job descriptions – as the centerpiece of your skills-focused strategy. With a fresh approach and comprehensive resources to support it, taking your strategy to the final round becomes a lot easier.

Prepare for a wealth of expert insights, a lot of fun, and a grand prize of recruitment strategy revolution

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Katie Jenkins
Global Skills-Edge Product Director Mercer Follow Follow
Don Berman
VP Sales & Chief Evangelist JDXpert Follow Follow
William Tincup
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