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What Sets Recruiting the Class of 2024 Apart?

Today’s new grads are different from past generations. They’re tech-savvy, burdened with student loan debt, and determined to find a sustainable balance between work and life.

As talent acquisition professionals, it’s crucial to understand these evolving priorities and how they’ll shape the future workforce – and recruiting the class of 2024.

Watch as Elizabeth Diley of General Mills, Kristi Sarles of Turnberry Solutions, Joshua Bellis of PTC, Randy Tarnowski of Handshake, and William Tincup of RecruitingDaily give you an in-depth look at the Class of 2024 and what’s in store for your talent acquisition team.

We’ll dive into data and insights on:

The AI Buzz

How do new grads plan to use tools like ChatGPT in the workplace, and how can employers help them upskill to make the most of AI?

Money Matters

Understand the student debt scene and how it impacts the Class of 2024 (including their enthusiasm for side hustles and gig work), and learn how to adapt your hiring and retention efforts accordingly.

Work-Life… What?

This class has been through a lot, and the burnout blues are real. We’ll talk about why our future teammates not only crave work-life balance, but demand it. And why that’s a good thing. 

Hiring morphs with each generation.

You know that. But 2024 grads could put you through your paces if you’re not prepared.

Watch the webinar to equip yourself with knowledge that will help you design better recruitment and retention strategies for your future workforce.

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Elizabeth Diley
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Kristi Sarles
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Randy Tarnowski
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Joshua Bellis
Global Head of TA Programs & Talent Attraction PTC Follow Follow
William Tincup
President & Editor at Large RecruitingDaily Follow Follow

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