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What if HR Became a Force for Good?   “But just so we’re reminded of the ones who are held back Up front there ought to be a man in… Read more

Adapting the Job Description in the Post-COVID-19 Business Environment Anyone familiar with hiring is also very familiar with the typical job description. Reporting structure, high-level purpose, key skills, and attributes… Read more

The Year of Magical Rethinking Safe to say, 2020 threw the whole world a giant curveball. Everything from grocery shopping to conferences and concerts looking a lot different than they… Read more

Marketing Your Company as Safe During COVID-19 Return to Work As if recruiting isn’t challenging enough, now companies are faced with the realities of the post-COVID-19 world. Which means convincing… Read more

  Rockstar Finder Search and Engagement: One tool to do it all   Let’s talk about the latest update from our friends over at Rockstar Finder. This is a great… Read more

Personal Branding for a Sourcer Companies take time to consider their brand; they decide how they want to be seen and what they are known for in the industry. Their… Read more

  Recruiters Have Fewer Resources & More Challenges. Help! COVID-19 has put intense pressures on recruiters, who now find themselves navigating a landscape of widescale layoffs, restricted hiring budgets, and… Read more

The 7 Words You Can’t Say in a Resume, and What They Really Mean to Hiring Teams I’ve never met a resume writer who admitted to aspiring to become a… Read more

What Freelancers Want: How to Attract Freelance Talent With many companies having laid off millions of people due to the pandemic the use of freelance talent is going to grow… Read more

Could ‘Personalized Work’ Be What We Aim For Post-COVID? Last week, the jewel of Australia’s tech sector, Atlassian, was lauded for giving staff the privilege of working from home –… Read more

Let’s go over a few updates to the WhoKnows Sourcing Tool. What’s new? Besides offering over 370 million people in their searchable database, they have added some new functionality to the… Read more

Has COVID-19 Made the Data and Analytics Industry Stronger? Prior to COVID-19, Data and Analytics was a fast-paced, candidate-led market but, unlike so many other industries, the pandemic has neither… Read more

Resources for Recruiters Looking for a Job As recruiters, we understand the hiring process better than anyone. But when it comes time to bring our own search, we can feel… Read more

Are Recruiters Responsible For The Pay Equity Gap? Recruiter: “Well we haven’t talked about comp yet, what are your expectations?” Candidate: “I need to be somewhere between $170,000 and $180,000.”… Read more

3 Simple Ways to Visualize Your Brand (And Get Noticed Now That Everyone Is Online) Gather a few pieces of your business’s marketing materials. Do you see a consistent visual… Read more

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