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Why Remote Work is the Best Opportunity for Diversity & Inclusion Yet As someone who loves the comradery of office life, I almost hate to admit that I’ve learned a… Read more

Virtual Conferences are a Bummer and I’m Done Pretending Otherwise Eight months ago, our world was turned upside-down as a pandemic caused a major disruption in how nearly everything is… Read more

Meeting Workers Where They Are Thanks in large part to technology, the idea of meeting workers where they are has evolved over time or so goes the theory behind the… Read more

RippleMatch Fall 2022 Recruitment Checklist

De-Mystifying Quality of Hire Recruiters and business leaders have the same goal. Find the ideal person who will be able to perform the job and make valuable contributions to the… Read more

My Daily Sourcing Toolkit


  My Daily Sourcing Toolkit As a sourcer, I find myself always looking for the next big “tool” to make my workflow run smoother. However, over the past year, I’ve… Read more

How to Source Talent in Japan If you are an absolute beginner to step foot in the Japanese market for recruiting, it helps to understand some basic things about Japanese… Read more

Make Recruitment Great Again – 2020 (This text was inspired by a real inauguration speech) We, the recruiters of the world, are now joined in a great worldwide effort to… Read more

The Six HR Trends That Will Matter Most in 2021 It’s no secret the business world went through a tremendous amount of change in 2020, from companies forced to work… Read more

Understanding the Relationship Between Mental Health and Workplace Productivity The Coronavirus took a significant toll on employee mental health. According to a Qualtrics study of more than 2,000 employees from… Read more

Building a firm of leaders: Succession planning for competitive advantage “In the fast-paced, highly competitive commercial environment firms, of all shapes and sizes, need to be proactive, strategic and precautionary… Read more

Doing More with Less: How to Embrace Volume and Emphasize Experience “Doing more with less” is one of many buzzy phrases being bandied about in 2020. At the same time,… Read more

Workplace Trends We’ll See in the New Year As we close out what will undoubtedly be an unconventional year, it leads me to wonder what 2021 will bring. What industry… Read more

We are looking at the recently updated Enterprise-level version of Hiretual. We’ll go through a bunch of different stuff so you see what it all does. Don’t forget to take… Read more

On Recruiting Women in the Tech Industry It is no secret that the tech industry is male-dominated and rife with gender bias. Companies like Google and Yahoo have recently come… Read more

Employee Resource Groups Can Open Doors And Minds 2020 was a watershed year for so many reasons – some good…some bad. One positive that emerged from the summer was the… Read more

RippleMatch Fall 2022 Recruitment Checklist

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