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  We’re going to head on over to (not .com!) This is a nice little place to find people, and we’re going to explain how. To start, we’re looking… Read more

Find GitHub Developer emails even easier with this free Chrome Extension!   We have another free tool for you! GitHub Email Finder is a free Chrome Extension that takes advantage of… Read more

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, there are nearly 1 million unfilled jobs in IT.  The  Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also reports that there are over 7… Read more

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  “We believe that the experience we’re trying to solve for is the talent experience – from candidates to employees, from interns to retirement.” – Roopesh Nair, CEO of Symphony Talent… Read more

Avoid LinkedIn’s Search Limit for free with Linkedlimits!   LinkedLimits is a brand new and free Chrome extension, and using it will help you avoid hitting that frustrating search limit… Read more

  Over the past couple of years, recruitment has taken on a pull approach thanks to a tight labor market and the demand for advanced skills. In doing so, recruitment… Read more

Quick, simple searches saves time.   SearchAll is a new tool offered as a Chrome Extension that integrates into the right-click function of your browser. Highlight your text and search… Read more

  Moving into Q4, the recruiting and HR technology space shows no sign of slowing, despite global economic indicators and any ongoing political firestorms. Here inside the industry, innovation and… Read more

  Picture this scenario: After investing a lot of time and energy, you’ve finally found an ideal candidate for the job. You schedule an interview, but at the agreed-upon time,… Read more

  It’s safe to say that when we look back on 2019 in years to come, diversity and inclusion will stand out as a significant theme. D&I is dominating conversations… Read more

  Message your candidates with Rockstar Finder’s new Bulk SMS feature!   We have talked about Rockstar Finder before, and how great of a tool it really is. Now, it… Read more

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When I started working as an IT recruiter I had absolutely no IT knowledge, whatsoever. The truth is I did not have the faintest idea of what Java or JavaScript… Read more

  Source experts in any field by searching Expertise Finder’s University database   Did you know that top companies recruit directly from Universities? Amazon is one of these companies, and… Read more

  Unleash world was in Paris a week ago and it’s a great way to learn about the recruitment tech start-ups from Europe. I’ve talked to all of the start-ups that… Read more

Improve your writing skills with the Linguix Chrome extension   Linguix is offered as a free browser extension for Chrome, as well as a web version, that uses AI to correct… Read more

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