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Fireside chat with William Tincup & Ruth Thomas of CURO A few years ago I was speaking at a compensation conference. The subject was what was happening outside of comp…. Read more

People Analytics and the Future of Talent Acquisition   What the hell is People Analytics? What is he going to tell me I need to worry about this time? Have no… Read more

Since it began, the pandemic has compelled organizations to reassess their business priorities. Survival strategies have replaced conversations around growth and diversification. When the world is still coming to grips… Read more

Losing Productivity In Your Recruitment Process? 5 Hacks To Boost It Right Away.   Recruiting processes are not as simple as posting a job. Recruiters spend hours after hours searching… Read more

Fireside chat with William Tincup & Yves Lermusi of Checkster Yves is one of those guys that I’ve known for 100 years. We bounced into each other at conferences and… Read more

Post-Pandemic Talent Pools: The Haves and Have-nots of the Workforce While no one knows exactly what hiring will look like post-pandemic, it seems likely there will be increased polarization in… Read more

Just in Time Hiring Most organizations expect to turn the hiring process on and off like a light switch as needed. During times of growth, a company will open requisitions… Read more

From Runners-Up to Boomerangs: Don’t Wait to Build Your Talent Pipeline Imagine that two highly qualified candidates are vying for the same position at your company. Both candidates meet your… Read more

All about web development specialists– for IT Recruiters.   We’re staying in the web development area. You can check out my last article on Frontend vs Backend here. In this… Read more

How to Use Email Marketing for Recruitment and Hiring Emails are an excellent tool for getting in touch with your prospective candidates, even in the times of other recruitment tools…. Read more

  Another update from Seekout is here, with more to come!   It’s time for another incredible update from Seekout. First off, there’s a new UI. It’s so much more… Read more

The Importance of Nurturing Internal Talent Pipelines As we all know, we’re living in extremely unusual circumstances. With many people affected in health, economic or other terms by COVID-19. We’ve… Read more

New Swordfish update adds business email enrichment Here’s an addition to a tool that’s already the best on the market. Another Swordfish update is here, and they keep adding more… Read more

Fireside chat with William Tincup & Adam Gordon, CEO of Candidate.ID I’ve known Adam Gordon for 150 years mostly through his activity via LinkedIn and Facebook. He’s the type of… Read more

The Unemployment Error   If you are like me, you keep close tabs on the employment market. For years the BLS unemployment data is something I have taken into intake… Read more

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