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  Recruiting & Movers #TrueStory It is Moving day. There are so few phrases that can strike fear into the heart of a human as this phrase and eventual day,… Read more

  Uproc makes LinkedIn more functional   Uproc for LinkedIn is a Chrome Extension that quickly pulls information from a LinkedIn page for easy access. It only works on LinkedIn,… Read more

OK, some personal factoids up front just for a little bit of context: I’m currently 37, best I can tell via doing the math. I was married/with someone for about… Read more

You think THAT’S How Harassment Works?  A few weeks ago my pal Derek Zeller wrote a post called “The Sexual Harassment That Never Happened.” I got just a bit worked… Read more

Human Resources has been chasing ‘the seat at the table’ for probably three generations now, but many organizations still treat it as a compliance function and many outright ignore it. From a… Read more

Here is the thing really; we do not have AI, IMO, not yet. We have ML (machine learning) which means code does things for us — code that we write…. Read more

Part 1 of this series can be read here.  Technical workers such as engineers, programmers, mathematicians, and developers are among the most difficult and costly to source, assess and hire. As… Read more

According to the annual survey of the Forum for Inhouse Recruitment Professionals in the UK, creation of talent pipelines has been an important priority for inhouse recruitment leaders for the… Read more

  Tariffs and Talent Acquisition The year started off great for hiring. Between the administration’s deregulation binge and tax reform, profitability estimates climbed for companies in power and energy, manufacturing,… Read more

Quick hit here, but check out these stats from Bullhorn’s “The State of Recruitment Marketing in 2018:” Eighty-seven percent of global staffing and recruiting firms do not have a chief… Read more

SeekOut update brings more social capabilities As you may know, SeekOut is a great tool for making recruiting easier and more efficient. With its April 2018 update, SeekOut has added… Read more

Employee referral programs work. It’s been proven time and time again. In fact, just last year, these programs edged out job boards as the top channel for quality hires. We… Read more



Search through candidates by school and graduation year Alumni US is a useful site that allows recruiters to easily search through candidates based on which school they have attended. Once… Read more

Nearly every vendor in the HR Tech & Recruitment space claims to be using artificial intelligence. If you product doesn’t have AI, it is a clever idea to dilute the… Read more

Unconscious bias is a pervasive problem in recruitment, since those who make hiring decisions based on these biases are unaware they’re doing so. While primarily designed to hasten hires and… Read more

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