Check out this Free Chrome Extension: EmailOnGitHub


We have a relatively new tool for you to check out, called EmailOnGitHub. This is a GitHub oriented tool. It’s available as a free Chrome extension. When sourcing, you will often find yourself on a GitHub profile, and as you know, GitHub hides the user’s email addresses.

As you know, there are ways to locate the email address that we have talked about before.


What does it do?

After you install the extension, visit any GitHub user profile and you will see their email address displayed directly on their profile. It will also show if they have marked themselves available for hire.

That’s it! That’s all it does. But it’s pretty cool since it bypasses the need to manually search using other methods.

Created by former Microsoft Talent Sourcer Ela Mościcka along with Martin Petrla.


~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: