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Recruitment video platform WorkReels welcomed Hcareers as its exclusive partner for hospitality brands. WorkReels said the agreement was part of the expansion of its partnership program. WorkReels said the expansion is intended to help… Read more

Today’s recruits expect companies to offer an authentic look into the workplace culture and specific job roles. There is also a strong desire for many potential employees to find an… Read more

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all these crummy people lookup websites. You type in someone’s personal information only to get hit with that classic “pay 3… Read more

There are many parallel universes, and we’re lucky enough to live in one where the great Dean Da Costa resides. Today’s nugget of wisdom might just be his 9th symphony:… Read more

Dean brings to us an incredibly useful, albeit niche recruiting tool! Every now and then you come across a candidate resume thats…well…an image. This presents an interesting challenge: how do… Read more

Dean Da Costa is at it again with his nuggets of wisdom! I have spent hours sifting through messy and convoluted data scraping tools and chrome extensions. They were either… Read more

No matter your talent level, repetitively using the same technologies over and over again in the Sourcing world will bite you in the ass. You’ll inevitably reach a point where… Read more

Webbtree is quite a unique find. There seems to be a lot of sourcing platforms; so many that it would be hard to recommend a specific one. So, how does… Read more

There’s hidden leads all across the digital globe, don’t be suckered into thinking that sourcing platforms are the only way to do this job! SO, what does a Journalism website… Read more

The top geeks at Google are a bunch of sneaky devils.  They hold in their hands the most powerful search engine on the planet, yet low-key don’t bother explaining its… Read more

Social Searcher is an advanced tool that can scour the internet for all of someone’s social media accounts. Power and convenience all in one.

Software developers are one of those rare breeds of talent that companies just can’t hire enough of. Just when you think that the industry is reaching an equilibrium, you get… Read more

If you’re a search connoisseur, it’s nearly mandatory to have an assortment of OSINT search toolkits in your sourcing utility belt. Keeping track of which one does what is quite… Read more

As any experienced headhunter can attest, the best coders are usually the most passionate about their profession. These are the folks who keep their heads down and get things done…. Read more

The search platform promises to enhance content discoverability and search speed for professionals from across a variety of sectors. This tool is the best of the best when it… Read more

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