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Stopping Covid-19 Spread: Implement These Workplace Controls Organizations around the world are preparing for the eventual return of their employees to work.  Many organizations have resumed operations already.  After all,… Read more

The 5 Steps of Remote Recruiting Remote recruiting may have started off as a buzzword, but it is here to stay. With multiple benefits, 99% of employees want some remote work capabilities…. Read more

Why is Online Presence Necessary During a Job Search? The world we knew once has come a long way. From commuting to work every morning to getting the same done… Read more

The Proxy Problem As recruiters, we use proxies. A lot of proxies, not real data. We use a lot of proxies and usually, we’re not even aware of it.  For… Read more

Fireside chat with William Tincup & Daniel Fellows of Get-Optimal I’ve known Daniel for years now. We’ve orbited each at different jobs and have talked on the phone, ahem, Skype,… Read more

How to Retain Young High Potential Employees The term “War for Talent” was coined in 1998 in a popular report by McKinsey Consulting, referring to the growing competition between companies for… Read more

Never Waste A Crisis


Never Waste A Crisis For any business with volumes in the thousands and hiring in single-digit %, automating screening and assessment is something they have no choice but to do. … Read more

Monster hiring report: August 2020 snapshot Slow and steady, the economy is looking up, at least for now. We saw this in the latest release of the U.S. Bureau of Labor… Read more

The New WhoKnows Community for Recruiters   We’re talking about something brand new with WhoKnows. They have several available tools within their portfolio for prospecting, sales, and recruitment. Now, WhoKnows… Read more

  Sourcing Technical Candidates with HireFast   We’re looking at a new tool called HireFast. This is a tech-specific search platform, with software developer candidates pulled from GitHub and then… Read more

Passive Candidate Emails – Not the Usual Advice I really wish the internet would purge all guidance for building potential passive candidate email templates published before 2020.  Any intelligence preceding… Read more

An Unlikely Recruit


A few weeks ago, I confessed my imposter syndrome on social media. That I was, and still am, the least likely candidate to run an Ai tech company. I am… Read more

Fireside chat with William Tincup & Laura Mazzullo of East Side Staffing Laura is the type of person that you need to talk with every two weeks or so. She’s… Read more

HR Strategies for Adapting to a Post-Pandemic World of Work COVID-19 has permanently impacted the global workforce. While every business, industry, and region is at a different stage of “re-opening,”… Read more

Your candidate just crushed their final interview — heck yeah! You get feedback from the client that they are ready to move to reference checks and the offer stage for… Read more

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