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new reality the end of coddling

The End of Coddling

The End of Coddling I live in Melbourne, Australia. When I speak to customers overseas they all sympathize with the restrictions imposed on...

personalized work post covid

Could ‘Personalized Work’ Be What We Aim For Post-Covid?

Could ‘Personalized Work’ Be What We Aim For Post-COVID? Last week, the jewel of Australia’s tech sector, Atlassian, was...

waste a crisis

Never Waste A Crisis

Never Waste A Crisis For any business with volumes in the thousands and hiring in single-digit %, automating screening and assessment is...

an unlikely recruit barb hyman

An Unlikely Recruit

An Unlikely Recruit A few weeks ago, I confessed my imposter syndrome on social media. That I was, and still am, the least likely candidate...

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