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As 2022 kicks into gear, you may be searching for a new role in the recruitment industry. Or perhaps you’ve decided to make the transition into recruitment from elsewhere. Recruitment… Read more

HR managers want digital tools that make it easy to attract top job candidates. But finding the right digital tools for your small business can be challenging. And getting the… Read more

Whether you are a Boolean novice or pro, you’ve likely run across and used the site: command to go deeper into urls or uncover a way to extract contact information… Read more

Codesignal Diverse Companys Outperform

Due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic dragging out, many are still stuck inside not socializing. This means there is plenty of time to catch up on reading. Why… Read more

As much as you want to trust the people you collaborate with, the reality is no company is immune to misconduct or corrupt activity. Whistleblower tools can play a crucial… Read more

Software developers are one of those rare breeds of talent that companies just can’t hire enough of. Just when you think that the industry is reaching an equilibrium, you get… Read more

Engaging Leadership, Recruiting Allies and Leaning Into Company Goals Make Affinity Groups More Effective When we walk (or Zoom) into work, we don’t leave our identities at the door. It’s… Read more

If you’re a search connoisseur, it’s nearly mandatory to have an assortment of OSINT search toolkits in your sourcing utility belt. Keeping track of which one does what is quite… Read more

It’s a well-known fact: in order to truly flourish as a company, you need every bit of advantage over your competitors that you can realistically get. Market environments of today… Read more

High turnover rates are what keep many recruiters in business. At the same time, dealing with high turnover often requires performing under pressure, so it’s a double-edged sword. While higher… Read more

The Next LinkedIn


What if there was an alternative to LinkedIn? Something that was more akin to Twitter, and less like the static resumes that either are fully baked or so scant you… Read more

Automating your hiring process can seem odd for such a people driven task, however in a digital age with increasing concerns about hiring bias it’s well worth looking into. This does… Read more

With over 800 million users spread across 200 countries, LinkedIn projects a daily growth rate of two new members joining every second. Taking their exponential growth potential into account, the… Read more

As any experienced headhunter can attest, the best coders are usually the most passionate about their profession. These are the folks who keep their heads down and get things done…. Read more

The job application process is about one thing: facilitating a job application from a candidate who intends to apply for that job and your ATS can improve that experience. The… Read more

Codesignal Diverse Companys Outperform

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