Explore unique recruitment marketing tactics that have proven successful for various organizations. Insights are shared by a range of professionals, including presidents and business developers. From building a strong candidate pipeline to fostering employee growth and advancement, these leaders share their most effective recruitment marketing strategies.

Build a Strong Candidate Pipeline

Hitting the bull’s-eye and working outward from there is the key step to create a strong pipeline. To exceed a client’s expectations, source candidates that best fit their criteria early in the process. The goal is to have confidence in the search and candidates, which translates to excitement for our business partners.

If more applicants are requested, presenting several groups ranging from the best of the best to professionals with growth potential provides the client with options and an understanding of the current market.

A strong pipeline also comes from strategic sourcing, personable screen calls and successful placements. They all go into building a strong network to help hit the bull’s-eye every time.

Benjamin Farber
President, Bristol Associates, Inc.

Leverage Traditional Networking

With so many aspects of our social and business lives online, many of us have forgotten about old-fashioned networking. Most of our recruitment is done by asking friends and colleagues if they know anyone qualified for the role.

The same goes for our sales. Word of mouth still works. So, if you’re listing jobs on websites with little luck, try just putting the word out to your employees and your business network. The results may surprise you.

Rick Berres
Owner, Honey-Doers

Embrace Flexible Recruiting Approaches

My advice here is not related to one specific tactic, but to being open with your recruiting processes in terms of being willing to “test the waters” on an approach that makes sense for your organization.

For example, trialing approaches like passive recruiting as a means of accessing an otherwise untapped talent pool.

Wendy Makinson
HR Manager, Joloda Hydraroll

Utilize Employee Video Testimonials 

You can read Glassdoor reviews. You can visit a career website. You can read the job description. But nothing paints a picture of your job like employee testimonials. That’s why our focus when we create videos for our clients is employee stories.

These stories, told through a simple interview format, consistently outrank all other content we create for our clients. It’s because humans love getting their information from other humans.

In these videos, you can ask them about their average day, what they like about the job and what someone should know before applying. But before you hit record, here are some tips:

  1. Audio matters, so make sure you’re not in a small space when you record; this can cause reverb in the recording.
  2. Try to avoid harsh light, like the average office light. Instead, use the light coming in from a window or go outdoors in the shade.
  3. Bonus points if you can pair the footage with shots of the employee doing their work and interacting with other employees.

Justin Vajko
Founder and CEO, Dialog

Drive Recruitment Through Content Marketing

One of the best recruitment-marketing tactics for our business has been to lean heavily into content marketing. The original intent was to drive awareness of who we are and what we do, but it has turned into an incredible source of opportunity on the recruitment side of our business.

We leverage daily social posts from individuals in our company; the key is consistency. We also utilize audio and video content from an ongoing podcast. That content is repurposed across several mediums, but holistically, the content characterizes our voice, culture and purpose. The powerful connection between personality and corporate culture has driven amazing recruiting results!

Roman Villard
Founder, Full Send Finance

Craft Tailored Social Media Posts

As a marketing manager in an accounting firm, experience has been gained employing various recruitment-marketing tactics to identify the right candidates for the relevant job positions.

The one that has produced the best results for the organization is making tailored social-media posts. Every social network has its distinctive culture and nuances, and one strategy may work for one network but not another.

Regularly factoring in the particular platform when composing social-network content is key. For example, a LinkedIn post and a Facebook post could lead to the same page, but each one of them will feature distinctive imagery and language specific to the platform. Even though crafting a few different variations like this can take a bit of time, the effort is well worth it.

Kelly Chan
Marketing Manager, Accountant Online

Source from New Hires’ Networks

One successful recruitment strategy we’ve used is to ask our best new hires for recommendations. After someone is hired and seems to fit well in our company, we ask them, “Do you know anyone else who might be a good fit here?” More often than not, exceptional employees have a network of talented people.

This method works surprisingly well. We have brought on board several high-performing employees this way. The best part is that it’s a very simple and cost-effective approach. It builds on the networks our employees already have, which makes it an easy, yet powerful, recruitment tool.

Martin Potocki
CEO, Jobera

Engage Candidates in Two-Way Interviews

The best strategy when you’re searching for a new team member is to make the interview process more engaging. Gone are the days when someone sits in front of you and just talks about their resume and why they think they’re the best candidate for the job.

Instead, it’s beneficial to make sure candidates also interview the company. This is definitely a two-way conversation, and they’re interviewing the business just as much as the business is interviewing them. That way, it can be determined for certain if the candidate also did their homework on researching the company and really wants to work there, instead of just going through a series of interviews hoping to land anything.

Robert Burns
Marketing Director, Oxygen Plus

Showcase New Hires on LinkedIn

One simple yet effective recruitment marketing tactic that we have embraced at Knak is new hire carousels on LinkedIn. We are a fairly small team of around 80 people at Knak, and every employee is part of a small, intimate workforce that is doing great things for our customers.

Showcasing the new hires that we’ve onboarded and the amazing talent that we’ve been lucky enough to hire shows how important each person is to the organization. It feels more personable, and we get the opportunity to show the professional community the growth and success we are having, as well as the amazing talent they could work with in the future!

Zak Michalyshyn
Senior Talent Acquisition Lead, knak.com

Foster Employee Growth and Advancement

Our organization’s recruitment marketing strategy revolves around the growth and advancement of our employees, creating a workplace where they thrive and excel. We cherish and retain our talented team while also welcoming new, skilled individuals into our family. By investing in our employees’ professional development, we foster an environment of loyalty and long-term satisfaction.

The key to our success lies in ensuring our workforce is happy and fulfilled. When employees love their work environment, see growth opportunities, and feel valued, they stay with us for the long haul. This reduces turnover rates and eliminates the constant search for new talent.

Understanding the evolving needs of younger generations is vital for us. They prioritize career growth, work-life balance and meaningful roles. To attract and retain them, we offer ample opportunities for skill development, prioritize their well-being and create an environment where their passions align with their work.

Clara Brinkmann
Business Developer, Tectrain