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Research has long identified corporate culture as one of the key determinants of employee engagement and retention. Since the onset of the pandemic, with many teams shifting to remote and… Read more

Today marks the 111th celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD). Every year, March 8 reminds us to honor the achievements of women and lobby for accelerated gender parity. Bittersweet by… Read more

The barriers to working with people, no matter where they live, have been lifted. Which means that working with talent is no longer a local HR task––it’s part of a… Read more

We live in an era when we are being bombarded with information. The same is true for the recruiting section where potential candidates are overloaded with job offerings and career… Read more

Glassdoor can be a daunting prospect for many people and talent leaders. One bad review can quickly tarnish a prospective candidate’s perception of your brand and deter them from applying… Read more

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hiring practices has been tremendous, to say the least. The hiring process, onboarding, upskilling, re-skilling, etc. have all been disrupted. Many organizations are re-evaluating… Read more

HR managers and recruiters want digital tools that make it easy to attract and source top job candidates. But finding the right digital HR tools for your small business can… Read more

I like spending time with recruiters and sourcers, watching them do their work. As the CEO of a sourcing AI company that automates much of the process, it is important… Read more

As 2022 kicks into gear, you may be searching for a new role in the recruitment industry. Or perhaps you’ve decided to make the transition into recruitment from elsewhere. Recruitment… Read more

HR managers want digital tools that make it easy to attract top job candidates. But finding the right digital tools for your small business can be challenging. And getting the… Read more

Whether you are a Boolean novice or pro, you’ve likely run across and used the site: command to go deeper into urls or uncover a way to extract contact information… Read more

Due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic dragging out, many are still stuck inside not socializing. This means there is plenty of time to catch up on reading. Why… Read more

As much as you want to trust the people you collaborate with, the reality is no company is immune to misconduct or corrupt activity. Whistleblower tools can play a crucial… Read more

Software developers are one of those rare breeds of talent that companies just can’t hire enough of. Just when you think that the industry is reaching an equilibrium, you get… Read more

Engaging Leadership, Recruiting Allies and Leaning Into Company Goals Make Affinity Groups More Effective When we walk (or Zoom) into work, we don’t leave our identities at the door. It’s… Read more

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