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  ColdCRM finds contact info off social profiles!   We have another new tool for you to take a look at by ColdCRM. It’s a new Chrome extension that came out… Read more

  “Oh, I wish I had called the candidate sooner. He got an offer from somewhere else!” “We need to start from scratch the candidate we offered the job has… Read more

  Infotelligent helps you research companies with one click!     We have another free Chrome extension to show you! This brand new tool, called Infotelligent, is like a little web assistant… Read more

  Over the last few years, I’ve covered Gen Z a lot. I’m talking articles, webinars, speaking engagements – you name it. To the extent that some have questioned my… Read more

Be a part of history and help shape the future of talent acquisition. Hiring Success is just around the corner! On February 11th and 12th, over 1,200 talent acquisition leaders… Read more

What’s your email address reputation score?   This site is a tool by Sublime Security that provides a fast and easy way to find out an email address’s reputation score…. Read more

I’m looking for three major Talent Acquisition Trends to occur (or further develop) in 2020. In no particular order… Talent Acquisition is more thoughtful about candidate micro-experiences. The candidate experience… Read more

Using Quora to do an X-Ray Search   Today, we have a quick little demonstration on how you can use X-Ray searches with Quora to find people. There are 3 million… Read more

  It’s that time of year again.  Where we stop and take a measure of our lives and plan our path forward.  As I think about my #LifeAsaSourcer I wanted… Read more

  A quick example of how to find people using!   We have a new tool to go over with you! We are showing you a new site called… Read more

Part 8: ATS Conclusions For the last seven days, we’ve been talking about the process of purchasing an enterprise ATS. This is based on surveys and conversations we had with… Read more

  Part 7: ATS References Maybe the single craziest statistic we got doing this ATS survey came in the references area. But before we get to the crazy-ish, let’s do… Read more

  Seekout’s latest update turns a decent free tool into a great one!     Today we are going to talk about an update to Seekout’s free Chrome extension, Seekout Sourcing… Read more

    Part 6: ATS Customer Advisory Boards Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) are essentially partnerships between recruiting/HR Tech vendors and practitioners. In an ideal CAB relationship, the vendor would have… Read more

  Part 5: ATS Workflow This article will look at ATS workflow concerns, and we’re going to start with a little tightrope walk. When we surveyed TA leaders on “What… Read more

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