As much as you want to trust the people you collaborate with, the reality is no company is immune to misconduct or corrupt activity. Whistleblower tools can play a crucial role in uncovering serious problems that may be happening under the radar in your business. Effective resources like a whistleblower hotline can offer employees an easy, safe and anonymous way to improve corporate governance by alerting human resources about any illegal or inappropriate behavior.

And the sooner your HR recruiting team is aware of a problem, the easier and faster it will be to rectify the situation with minimal damage caused. If you’re considering implementing this into your organization, here are a few of the key recruiting and talent acquisition benefits of incorporating a whistleblower hotline for your company. 

It Help Protects Your Company 

If there is illegal or inappropriate behavior at work, whether it’s theft, fraud or discrimination, a whistleblower hotline can give employees the ability to speak up. With a safe and discreet method to tip-off management, your team won’t have to fear repercussions for reporting any misconduct they witness.

This can help safeguard your entire company from corruption while giving employees the means to report potential threats such as harassment, fraud or cybersecurity risks. 

An Effective Way to Assess and Manage Risks 

When misconduct or illegal activity occurs for an extended period of time, it can do more damage to a company and cost a lot more to resolve. Whether it’s minor discrepancies like cybersecurity issues or something major, like bribing an official, whistleblower hotlines reduce the amount of risk that companies are exposed to regularly.

Aside from enabling staff to come forward, whistleblower tools provide a simple and effective way to assess reports that are made. This lets your HR and management teams manage those risks accordingly to save your company time and money while keeping your reputation unblemished. 

It Promotes a Stronger Workplace Culture 

Your team is the backbone of your business. And having employees feel valued, respected and engaged in their work is fundamental for any business to succeed today. But retaining top talent can be challenging, especially when you’re competing with other companies who are continuously striving to evolve and attract in-demand workers.

That’s why having a strong workplace culture that fosters respect, better communication and trust is crucial. Beyond promoting a workplace that cares, encouraging internal reporting through a whistleblower hotline just makes sense for businesses that want to stay competitive while minimizing risks. 

Fewer Legal Repercussions 

The sooner your HR and management teams know about a problem that’s happening, the fewer repercussions your company will likely have to face. This includes lawsuits, negative press, a scarred reputation and smaller settlements if your company ever faces litigation. 

It Deters Wrongdoing 

When your team knows there is a simple and safe way to be called out for inappropriate behavior, it will deter them from doing it in the first place. They’ll be far less inclined to indulge in risky activity if they know your company takes allegations seriously and will thoroughly investigate reports to uncover the truth, which could result in legal action. 

Prevents Unwanted Attention 

Businesses are constantly landing in hot water due to allegations of fraud, misconduct and other wrongdoings. And the media loves to get their hands on flashy headlines that feature a CEO, or a company caught up in a scandal. However, as an effective, internal tool, whistleblowing gives your company the power to identify issues quickly and subtly to avoid unwanted attention that could jeopardize your position with stakeholders, customers and future employees. 

Promotes a Safer Work Environment 

Implementing procedures that aim to reduce illegal and unsafe actions at work promotes a safer environment for everyone. This also enables companies to be proactive instead of reactive, taking necessary steps to improve situations that could potentially escalate into something hazardous. 

Demonstrates Accountability 

Today, prospective employees can easily hop online to get an idea of what a company has to offer before applying for a position, which is why good corporate governance can’t be emphasized enough. By implementing a whistleblower hotline, your talent acquisition or recruiting department can demonstrate your company’s commitment and accountability instantly. 

Uncover Relevant Details 

Even if your HR and management teams are aware of something illegal that’s happening at work, they may not have all the details needed to understand or present evidence for legal action. Anonymous reporting tools like a whistleblower hotline can help gather as many details as possible to piece together. This can help management teams understand the full scope of the situation and respond in a manner that is appropriate. 

It’s Ethical 

Protecting employees by offering the support they need to feel safe at work should be every company’s ethical obligation and priority. Whistleblower tools provide a win-win scenario by protecting them and your company’s bottom line. 

Shannon Walker

Shannon Walker is the founder and president of Whistleblower Security Inc. (WBS), launched in 2005. Whistleblower Security is Women Business Enterprise Canada certified, making it the only woman-owned and managed certified ethics reporting business in North America.