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  I See You Looking The great white whale of talent acquisition, passive candidates can frustrate and elude even the most seasoned recruiters.  Many will argue is this even a… Read more

  Romy Newman is on a mission to improve the workplace for women by creating greater transparency. She is the Co-Founder and President of Fairygodboss, the largest career community for… Read more

What’s more important? Culture fit or experience? If human resources management is seen as a science, why are two very unscientific criteria behind most hiring decisions? Tradition and gut feelings… Read more

Excel Powertools Shally Steckerl

  As one of the most significant trends to emerge over the past few years, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are continuing to drive efficiencies for HR practitioners looking… Read more

  Late spring, when we find a cure for cabin fever from wintry climes, plan summer vacations, thank February groundhogs for April tulips, and make predictions; remembering March Madness. Exploration… Read more

The impending bear market is not an excuse to do the bare minimum when it comes to recruitment marketing Today, it’s never been a better time to be a working… Read more

  Record-low unemployment makes it difficult to compete for talented professionals. With fewer job seekers in the pool, employers must work harder to attract and win candidates. Your company is… Read more

  The Dutch Child protection board wants to innovate their recruitment process. So they started by innovating the way they recruited the new recruiter that is going to be in… Read more

Sometimes you are recruiting for a group that’s magic.       Candidates walk into an in-person interview undecided and walk out trying to close you. With team story content,… Read more

  In March, Acadian Advisory, an independent workplace technology research and consulting firm, showed that old-line tech companies ⎯  Oracle Taleo and IBM Kenexa, which once dominated the recruiting technology… Read more

Recruitment marketing is one of those concepts that existed long before anyone called it that. If you were to hop in a time machine and head back to 2000, you’d… Read more

  The answer to “How hard is finding a job?” depends on who you ask Everything about 2019 has pointed back to a booming economy, from the fact that there… Read more

  Far from the common refrain that AI will replace your job with a robot, artificial intelligence is actually transforming the employment landscape for the better.  Here’s how… The potential… Read more

  Yes, you read that right. It’s been over 10 years since the Great Recession of 2008 and most U.S. economists are now predicting a recession by the end of… Read more

  Imagine you are out to dinner at a great restaurant, the service is fantastic, and the food is tasty. After finishing your meal, the waitress stops by to see… Read more

Excel Powertools Shally Steckerl

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