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If we really are early into the era of cloud computing, as some purport, then Oracle’s latest updates are right on time. Unlike some other platforms on the market, making… Read more

      Say the words high volume hiring and many recruiters will start to twitch from anxiety. Once commonly associated with hourly workers, high volume hiring extends to include… Read more

  Human Predictions brings both high volumes of people and detailed specifications   Human Predictions is an app that gathers potential talent from a variety of different sites into one… Read more

Recruiting is one of the toughest challenges facing businesses today. Finding the right talent is critical for success, but record-low unemployment, the flood of digital information, and a shift in… Read more

PAS Network AI tool makes sourcing research easy   PAS Network is a site that allows you to search by job title and discover a great deal of valuable information…. Read more

  SalesIntel is a great tool for targeting senior-level talent   SalesIntel is a powerful tool that helps you locate talent and contact info using specific search terms. There are… Read more

On the top of every recruiter’s Christmas list this year is a pool of perfect candidates. Finding the right talent with the right background, skills and experience can be a… Read more

California Court of Appeal held that enforcing such an agreement signed by a recruiter-employee would constitute the enforcement of an illegal covenant not to compete under California law. Employers that… Read more

Hit the target “Are you working close to the money today? ” This was the question my first manager asked me every morning for my first 18 months in recruitment…. Read more

As a discipline, recruiting is particularly buzzy, driven by innovation in strategies and technologies alike. Over the last few years, two significant trends stand out: artificial intelligence (AI) and diversity… Read more

    Without a crystal ball, it can seem impossible to plan for the unknown. This is why, despite the dynamic nature of hiring, embracing change continues to elude many… Read more

Just released, and we won’t make you wait: Keller Williams also topped Indeed’s work-life balance rankings back in April, so that’s a nice double win. In reviews, one employee mentioned… Read more

We’ve all heard about the power of a great employer brand reputation when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. But the secret to success isn’t necessarily about what your… Read more

I like to read, like a great deal, not only books, which sadly are dying, but online articles as well.  The very thought of learning something new for this old… Read more

Every year the HR Technology Conference serves as a venue for the introduction of various new HR technology platforms, enhancements, and new features from both newcomers to the space and… Read more

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