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Branded Direct Sourcing: What Is It and Why Do I Need It? If 2020 has proven anything, it’s that “just in time” recruiting no longer works – for a lot… Read more

For 25 years I have been finding top-performing, niche talent. Most of that time has been supporting global financial institutions along with several visionaries in fintech. I have sourced professionals… Read more

4 Easy Ways Staffing Firms Can Prepare for Post COVID-19 In the next month, my workforce will start transitioning back to the office. The operations team is observing every one… Read more

We have another tool available for candidate sourcing, and this one has been developed specifically for finding IT candidates. The tool is available as a free Chrome extension, offered by… Read more

Librarians Make Great Sourcers At an increasing rate, leaders connect with me to ask about the characteristics and skills that make up a great Sourcer. We are at a point… Read more

Who Is Struggling the Most at Work? Hibob Study Reveals Which Employee Groups Have Experienced Significant Mental Health and Job Satisfaction Declines The survey reveals that men and employees in… Read more

Potential Biases in Recruitment – A Cheat Sheet To be human is to be biased. It’s impossible to be unbiased. The best you can hope for is to be aware… Read more

Best Practices for Virtual Career Fairs It took a global pandemic to motivate many employers to adopt virtual recruiting strategies and now virtual career fairs are more common than ever…. Read more

The Irrationality of Rational Recruiting As the pandemic took hold, many people thought that higher unemployment rates would lead to a deluge of candidates vying for only a few openings…. Read more

How to build diversity and avoid bias when hiring remotely 2020 has been a turning point for the future of employment. As the coronavirus and shelter-in-place orders swept the globe,… Read more

Recruiters Weigh In: Are We Ready for In-person Hiring Events? As businesses attempt to return to some level of pre-pandemic normalcy, one question that continues to be asked in nearly… Read more

Don’t Forget About Career Changers in Post-COVID Recruiting As we start to speculate on what recruiting will look like post-COVID, a largely unfamiliar job seeker persona is emerging: career changers. … Read more

Fireside chat with William Tincup & Dimitri Boylan of Avature What I love about Dimitri Boylan is that out of the hundreds of times that I’ve talked to him over… Read more

Post-COVID – The Office and Workplace of the Future As offices around the country begin re-opening, it seems the work-from-home era may finally be coming to a close for many…. Read more

Chivalry Might be Dead, But Candidate Experience is Not. Here is How to Get it Right in the Post-COVID World After months of interviewing, a few weeks ago Jim Perry… Read more

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