Jennifer Burnett

Jennifer Burnett is passionate about the opportunity leaders have to genuinely elevate and nurture the potential of people at work. Dr. Burnett draws on her experience of over 25 years as a business leader, talent leader, researcher, and consultant to create talent solutions that positively impact both individuals and the future of the business. She currently provides guidance to organizational leaders who are seeking to advance their organizations’ talent strategy and people practices using a data-driven approach, in order to impact business success.

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De-Mystifying Quality of Hire


Recruiters and business leaders have the same goal. Find the ideal person who will be able to perform the job and make valuable contributions to the future of the company…. Read more

AI in talent management – hype or hope?


AI in talent management – hype or hope? The concept of Artificial intelligence actually debuted at a conference at Dartmouth University in 1956. At the time, there was a lot… Read more

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Don’t Panic! Navigating AI in Recruitment

Join us at this can’t-miss event as we explore recruiting’s unfolding future with AI.

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