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  Most companies struggle to attract and hire technical talent. While much of this is due to a shortage of capable coders, software developers also possess a unique skill set… Read more

  While activity continues across the space, we did notice a perceptible shift the second half of the month, with fewer announcements than earlier in the summer. Likely this directly… Read more

  Have you ever skipped ahead and read the last line of a book before starting the first chapter? Sometimes it ruins the whole experience, and other times, it reinforces… Read more

  Hiring and interviewing is as much a science as it is an art. New managers will often be tasked with running their own interviews and hiring for their own… Read more

As it turns out, we spend a lot of time talking about HR technology but don’t dedicate much energy to the regular, everyday consumer tech working behind the scenes. And… Read more

Where to Hire, How Much to Pay, What to Consider The demand for mobile application developers grows year after year. iOS developers aren’t an exception. Sometimes it’s very hard to… Read more

  via GIPHY According to LinkedIn, 70% of the global workforce consists of candidates who are not actively looking for a job at the moment. It’s a lost opportunity if… Read more

  Keep your accounts secure with Password Checkup Password Checkup is a Chrome Extension officially released by Google and designed to help you protect all of your accounts. The tool… Read more

  There is a balance between speed and quality that we deal with on a daily basis but do not often think about.  We have more open jobs than we… Read more

  By now you already know that there’s a new generation in town – Gen Z. But unlike their predecessors, the Millennials, this population is walking into a different sort… Read more

  Since publishing this piece about consolidation in talent acquisition, the trend continues to reach across the space. Recently, we saw three programmatic vendors (Appcast, ClickIQ, and Perengo) picked up… Read more

  August 2019, Part 1 There’s no sign of a summer slowdown in HR and recruiting tech, in fact, quite the opposite, with the same steady stream of product news,… Read more

  Full disclosure, I’m a Millennial. No matter which way you slice or dice the generation, I’m in it (albeit at the elder end of the category). I’m also not… Read more

More and more, our data is being used in ways that we don’t completely understand.  From Facebook to our credit score, it’s unclear who knows what and what we can… Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Recruitment Analytics HR is under increasing pressure to justify the ROI of recruiting today. As HR embraces the idea of data-driven decision-making, the recruiting function stands… Read more

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