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“I’m suggesting that you widen the top of your recruiting funnel” Are you still chasing your “purple squirrel” – that one candidate who meets every requirement and qualification listed in… Read more

    “take the opportunity to dig into your stack and learn how your technologies fit together” When it comes to recruiting, no two hires look the same. From an… Read more

Extract contacts from any search engine database, even ContactOut   ContactOut is a great tool with a database that contains over a billion email addresses and other contact data for… Read more

“HR is now the secondary audience – employees are the primary audience. And that’s shifted the market,” said Bersin. The 2019 HR Technology Conference was an action-packed four days of… Read more

Meet Scout by LeadIQ


  “Scout” can fetch emails from any company   Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Technically, this is a new dog with a new trick, but… Read more

  As expected, in time with all of the recent industry events, October is undoubtedly announcement-heavy, so let’s skip the pleasantries and get down to business: The employer branding experts… Read more

  RockStar Finder can do wonders for your sourcing needs   Today, we are talking about RockStar Finder again. I know we’ve already done a video on it, but we… Read more

  For the past two years, I’ve been helping to grow Slack’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which have played an integral role in promoting our dynamic culture. Traditionally created to… Read more

  As much as recruitment is a sector that thrives on relationships, human interaction and critical face-to-face meetings, digital channels connect everything together. From potential applicants conducting their first job… Read more

  Target any company with the Prophet II Turbo Company Identifier   Prophet II Turbo by HiringSolved just added something new and important that we thought you should know about! Let’s say… Read more

  Often times, job descriptions can be vague, misleading, or written in a way that limits diverse hiring. Your best diversity, retention, and engagement strategies will be for nothing if… Read more

  Boost your ability to source more leads with Source500!   We have another brand new tool called Source 500. This is a great little tool that expands on your… Read more

  In some circles, these algorithms acquire the image of a ‘bias-free stakeholder’ in the hiring process. Often managers assume that because the software is devoid of emotions (unlike humans),… Read more

  The new, the improved Swordfish, with more to come!   Swordfish is a fantastic tool we have discussed before, and it has been recently updated with some great new… Read more

  “companies need to both embrace new technology and retain talented recruiters” AI may have only recently emerged into the popular consciousness, but it is certainly not new. People have… Read more

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