Increase productivity and reduce browser clutter with temporary bookmarks

Take a moment and look at your bookmarks folder. Is it full of old links that you didn’t need to keep, but you saved anyhow since you were in the middle of a search and didn’t want to lose those pages? Do all your bookmarks spark joy? Kidding. Sort of.

In this video, Dean takes us through a few different free Chrome extensions that allow you to save your bookmarks temporarily, rather than actually save them into your bookmarks folder. This allows you to keep your primary bookmarks nice and neat, without a lot of clutter from random saved searches.

First, we have a Chrome extension called Temporary Bookmarks. This simple extension allows you to save pages for up to 2 weeks. Choose the number of days between 1 and 14, and you’re ready to create your list. If you want to save a page, use either right-click and add that way, or by using the extension icon in your browser by clicking the plus sign. When you view your list the tool will display a trash can with the number of days remaining before they expire. It’s simple, direct and to the point.

The second extension is also called Temporary Bookmarks. This extension works similarly but is one you would use if you want to keep your links for more than 14 days. The settings for these bookmarks allow you to keep links for up to 365 days instead, and you can set expiration notifications, in case you change your mind and want to save them for longer. You can also delete using the trash icon before it expires if you want. This extension is also simple to use, and the notification flag option is nice.

Third, we have the Chrome extension Temporary Bookmarks. (I know, everyone is very clever with these extension names!) This extension works a bit differently with custom options for the temporary folder. Add links through a right-click menu or through the extension icon in your browser. You can have the link auto-delete once you click on it, or choose to delete one by one. Trash them line by line with or without deletion confirmations. This is nice if you use it for recurring projects but still wish to keep everything separate from your main bookmarks.

Finally, you can choose to utilize one or all of these extensions for your bookmarking needs. If you do use more than one, just keep track of the different extension icons so you know which temporary spot you’re choosing! It’s a great way to keep yourself organized, which as you know saves time and effort in the long run.


~ Noel Cocca

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