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Join Marvin Booker, AKA “The Sourcing Jedi” and Executive Recruiter at Meta, for 60 minutes of unrivaled training on how to master live souring during take. Discover ways in which you can proactively pre-search, source, and come better prepared to your intake meetings.

Recruiters talk a lot about creating efficiency in the hiring process, but few have mastered what that looks like in practice. We wouldn’t be here if you had. A quick… Read more

Upcoming New Features from Quickli When you’re sourcing leads for your own recruitment business, you want to know as much about them as possible. Quickli, as the name implies, lets… Read more

If you’ve got nothing more than an image of a prospect and you want to find out more about them, Image Raider is the tool you need. Here’s how you… Read more

Let’s admit it. Sourcing good software developers is hard. The tech industry is booming, and every other sector depends on technology to power operations. Which is not surprising so far. … Read more

Having a pool of talent to choose from gives you huge strategic and competitive advantages, including a shorter time to hire, a lower cost per hire, and a better quality… Read more

A career in recruitment comes with an endless supply of routine tasks. Collecting CVs, processing application forms, responding to the candidates, having back and forth with the key decision-makers. We could… Read more

Every recruiter hits a point in their career where they go, “I love how I can search millions of people on LinkedIn. But there has to be a better way!”… Read more

It’s ironic how we sometimes discover some of the most talented individuals at the least expected of times. A random link on some forum can lead to an impressive project… Read more

Extension Manager: A Tool for Managing all your Chrome Extensions We recommend a lot of Chrome extensions. There are some really neat productivity tools out there that can make your… Read more

  Let’s take a look at Hiretual’s new UI We are looking at Hiretual’s new UI. As you are already aware, Hiretual is a really good sourcing tool and does a lot…. Read more

Never let a great resume slip past you with Tobu! Tobu is a great tool that takes resumes and inputs them into an easy to navigate the database. It saves… Read more

Using Quora to do an X-Ray Search   Today, we have a quick little demonstration on how you can use X-Ray searches with Quora to find people. There are 3 million… Read more

  Use Xlek as another free tool to search for contact information   We have another free people search tool for you to use. This site is called Xlek, formerly… Read more

  Use this trick to find developer candidates through SourceSort   If you aren’t already familiar with SourceSort, it’s a GitHub front-ended tool that helps people find open projects they… Read more

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