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Date October 4, 2022 2:00 pm ET
Duration 60 minutes
Location Zoom
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Search With Your Hiring Manager – On the Call

We May be Bookers – but We’re Not “Order Takers.”

This is well-established. In our own right, we are rebels—the dark vigilantes of the TA underworld.

We work in our own corners to the beat of our own drums, and that’s what we do, and nobody can tell us otherwise.

Except for Our Hiring Managers. 

That’s why Marvin Booker, AKA “The Sourcing Jedi”, has agreed to give you 60 minutes of unrivaled training on how to master live sourcing during intake.

As Marvin says, “It’s easy as baking a cake,” (a dark, hackery cake) if you have the right ingredients and general knowledge of the chemistry. Marvin is a really swell dude – super nice. We absolutely love him, but we know what he really means.

Gordon Ramsay saying "Get Your **** Together"

During this session we will talk about ways in which we can put everything together and rise to perfection every time.

Just a Few Items We’ll Cover:

  • Show Me You Know Me – learning about your hiring manager, client, industry vertical, and their team.
  • Understanding the Competitive Landscape, or Addressable Market
  • Pre-Sourcing Candidates to Gather Insights on the Ideal Candidate
  • What are we trying to solve? Where are the gaps? What is the urgency?

Marvin provided about 10 more takeaways, but the sourcing world is full of mystique, so of course we cannot list them all.

If you want this cake frosted, you’ll have to sign up for the show.

Welcome to Marvin’s Kitchen.

All this and more will help us to be more consultative in our relationships with our clients and eliminate surprises. We are here to discover the art (and flavor) of understanding ways in which we can proactively pre-search, source, and come better prepared to our intake meetings.

As always, if you can’t make the live session, we’ll send you the recording and slides just for registering.

Sound like a plan? Great…bring your apron.

We’ve got some responsibly ungovernable baking to do.

Presented By
Marvin Booker
The Sourcing Jedi

Marvin has been in Talent Acquisition for over 11 years, working across Executive Search, in-house Corporate Sourcing, and Full-Cycle Recruiting. Industry verticals have included CPG, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Software Engineering, and G&A. When he is not behind his keyboard, he enjoys reading, playing and watching hockey, and spending time with the fam.

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