Use this trick to find developer candidates through SourceSort


If you aren’t already familiar with SourceSort, it’s a GitHub front-ended tool that helps people find open projects they would like to contribute to. We have a neat little hack that will also allow you to use this source as a way to find developers to target for recruiting purposes! This can be especially useful when you have needs for someone skilled in a particular programming language, or if you’re looking for someone with prior experience working on a specific type of project like blockchain or mobile applications.

Here are the steps to turn this into a sourcing tool!

  • Specify which programming language (as well as any other specifics)
    • Can include keyword, number of contributors on the project, or even the working hours needed
  • Select a project from your results that looks relevant.
  • Go into the .github section of the project
  • From here you can see all the contributors that have worked on the project
  • Under Insights, you can see all the Commits that have been done,
  • Open up one of those commit files
  • In the address bar, add .patch to the end of the displayed URL

There we have it, the second line has the person’s email. Works every time! It’s an alternate way of searching GitHub, and it’s simple and easy!

~ Noel Cocca

Look inside with Dean Da Costa: