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LeadGrabber Pro dons itself as “the world’s best B2B prospecting tool” on the market. It allows you to find contacts who match your model customer or candidate profile using various… Read more

Chartloop is back with a brand new update for 2021. In case you’re out of the loop about what it does, Chartloop is a fantastic piece of software that autogenerates… Read more

I wanted to highlight some useful browser extensions that you can use on Chrome to turbo-boost your sourcing abilities. Talent Sourcing is defined as researching, identifying, and prospecting candidates. It takes… Read more

Let’s be honest. As great as LinkedIn is for building a professional network, the platform leaves you hanging when the time comes to extract any real value from your network…. Read more

The New WhoKnows Community for Recruiters   We’re talking about something brand new with WhoKnows. They have several available tools within their portfolio for prospecting, sales, and recruitment. Now, WhoKnows… Read more

The ZapInfo update makes it even better!   ZapInfo has added some new features to their tool we’d like to show you! As we’ve discussed before, ZAPinfo makes scraping data… Read more

  Stay organized and efficient while sourcing with the RockStarFinder update to 4.0   RockstarFinder™ has gotten even better with this latest release! The RockstarFinder update created a simple process to… Read more

Find Email Addresses with the Email Discovery Tool   Here’s a new Chrome Extension for you to check out! This tool is called the “Email Discovery Tool” and you can… Read more

  When I’m scrolling through the web on my phone, I often land on websites where customers are encouraged to leave reviews. There’s a big reason behind that request: A… Read more

These days, online reviews are a natural part of our decision-making process. Whatever we do, we frequently go online to find out what other people are saying before committing to… Read more

A new study called The Growth Divide suggests that companies aren’t exactly cultivating growth when it comes to employee satisfaction with performance review processes. The title, Growth Divide, refers to a… Read more

When a reporter from a national publication recently cited Glassdoor as a source for his story, it reminded me that the now more than 45 million visitors who flock to… Read more

  The competition for your HR Technology dollar is more cutthroat – and more lucrative – than ever before. This means, of course, getting ahead of that competition requires these… Read more should be the only resource you need when looking for tools and resources to do your job better. To do that, we reach out to industry greats to stay… Read more

We all want to find phone numbers.  Chrome Extension NetIn just made it a lot easier. NetIn allows you to find emails and phone numbers directly from their LinkedIn page…. Read more

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