RockStar Finder can do wonders for your sourcing needs


Today, we are talking about RockStar Finder again. I know we’ve already done a video on it, but we really want to go more in-depth, since there is way more to it than meets the eye.

Candidate Search

First, head over to the Candidate Search area. You’re going to create a search for a candidate using some standard search items, ie Country, City and Job Title. What’s neat here is that once a job title is entered, RockStarFinder will populate a list of suggested and related skills to use as keywords, which can be used to refine your search. Extra parameters also include Education, Industry, Employer, and any keywords you wish to exclude. The cool part about their candidate search, is that your searches can be saved to be run again later! This is helpful as well as a time saver if you are sourcing a number of different positions, and you don’t have to keep repopulating searches over and over.

Within your search results list, candidates can be added to your ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Candidates can be added to ATS individually, or you can add a whole search result page at a time. Each Job Order you create has it’s own ATS folder, for ease of tracking and sorting. Job orders can even be whitelisted and then posted to RockStarFinder, Google Jobs, Facebook, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter straight from this application.

Saved Profiles

Next, under the Candidates menu, take a look at your saved profiles. Their LinkedIn profiles can be viewed straight from the ATS list, and you don’t have to sign in to see their entire LinkedIn profile either, which is very cool. Also within the contact card, there’s an email address, pulled from the X-Ray search RockStarFinder has done. If contact information doesn’t show, the SEEK button can be pressed to activate syncing to the database to check again. Work emails, as well as personal email addresses, are shown when they are available. Pretty great, right? You can add candidates to ATS manually. If you have profile URLs, add candidates through Social add. Supported platforms are currently Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Add candidates through Resume parsing with a file upload of a PDF, DOC or DOCX format.

Overall Result

Finally, on the first look at this tool, we liked it and liked what it could do. Taking a closer look made us realize just how much more it could do, besides just X-Ray searching, and the benefits extend past simple sourcing. The usefulness of RockStarFinder is not limited to the recruiting world; salespeople could even use this to source new clients! You can keep track of your clients. Post and keep track of your job orders. This program is basically a mini ATS/CRM application combined with a recruiting tool. The ability to save searches is especially useful. This is a cool little tool, and it is well designed. Prior glitches appear to have been addressed, and everything runs smoothly and as expected. We feel that it can do wonders for your sourcing needs!

Definitely one to add to your toolbelt!

~ Noel Cocca

Look inside with Dean Da Costa: