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  Inspired by fellow blogger Mike Wolford’s post  I decided to share my recruitment tech dream come true. What if I was the Head of Talent Acquisition at a major… Read more

The GDPR deadline looms large, but many recruitment organizations are far from ready. The new directive brings about numerous changes and all organizations handling personal data of EU citizens have… Read more

Offering remote-work options to current and prospective employees hugely increase your firm’s chances of beating out the employer competition to that perfect candidate, and of retaining your valued employees. It… Read more

An Inside Look I have been fortunate to work with the Hiretual team for the last couple of years. I was introduced to the founders on Recruiters Online.  At that… Read more

If you’ve never heard of ‘people analytics,’ essentially it’s a concept that takes Big Data and applies it to HR and management. Since I often write about Big Data, HR,… Read more

The healthcare staffing industry is poised with opportunity, but amidst the acute talent shortage, healthcare staffing firms are also facing increasing operational challenges that are generating inefficiencies in their processes… Read more

  “There’s a saying that you can’t put a price on a human life, but that saying is a lie because we have. We have, and it’s so much lower… Read more

New technology, increased pressure to prove business impact, and a complex hiring landscape are just a few factors behind the rapid evolution of HR. To meet business demands for strategic… Read more

Building a long-term image in the minds of passive candidates Employer Branding (EB) is a key component of any integrated talent acquisition strategy; it is both a long-term strategic solution… Read more

Earlier this month, we got together for one of our HRTX unconference events in downtown Dallas. It was actually among the best-attended ever, so that’s fun — and hey, if… Read more

Time to Disrupt Recruiting Fees?


If technology is helping recruiting, then why are recruiting fees the same? Picture it: New York City. 1992. Hazy autumn afternoon, Wall Street. Mr. Carl, Esq., has had another row… Read more

Where does Hire by Google fit in? One of the foundational premises of talent sourcing lies in the fact that traditional search engines are notoriously bad at searching for individual… Read more

When headhunting firms consider expanding their services beyond traditional executive search and selection, collaboration becomes key to their success. Most executive search firms maintain a central database to help them… Read more

    Last week Unleash came to London, and as usual for me, the most exciting part of the show is the start-up part of the conference. What cool new… Read more

Today we have a different yet important tool to take a look at, a brand-new email communication tool called Trinsly. If you’ve ever had to send email campaigns to possible… Read more

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