Short post, but wanted to alert you to two things going on today:

  1. We’re hosting HRTX Boston all morning (and early afternoon) at the offices of Bullhorn. We’ve got about 8-10 subject matter experts there and over 60 talent acquisition professionals. The insights from HRTX events are usually pretty awesome — here’s a rundown of HRTX DC, for example — and if you want to get some insights in real-time from the event, check our Twitter from about 8am-2pm ET. There’ll be some goodies on there. We’ll have a recap post coming sometime next week.
  2. At 1pm ET today, we’re hosting a webinar entitled Cannabis Conundrum 2018. Our featured expert is Josephine Elizabeth Kenney, Chief Global Compliance Officer at First Advantage, and we’ll be going over current legislation, the debunking of concerns, etc. It should be a good time. Tincup is hosting with T-Bauer on the back-up slot, so it should be a fun group.

Check those out today. We’ll be back tomorrow with some new content for y’all.

Ted Bauer

Originally from New York City, Ted Bauer currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas. He's a writer and editor for RecruitingDaily who focuses on leadership, management, HR, recruiting, marketing, and the future of work. His popular blog, The Context of Things, has a simple premise -- how to improve work. Ted has a Bachelors in Psychology from Georgetown and a Masters in Organizational Development from the University of Minnesota. In addition to various blogging and ghost-writing gigs, he's also worked for brands such as McKesson, PBS, ESPN, and more. You can follow Ted on Twitter @tedbauer2003, connect with him on LinkedIn, or reach him on email at [email protected]