Scout” can fetch emails from any company


Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Technically, this is a new dog with a new trick, but who’s really keeping track? Are you looking to recruit from a specific company, and need an email address to contact them? We have a Chrome extension for you to use! Just visit that company website and launch Scout by LeadIQ. The tool will then analyze the company website you are on, and then quickly bring up a list of top employees. You can then search within those results for titles, names, departments, or any other keyword.

Then, you can choose one of those people and it will display a contact card with their name, title, location, and their work email! These people may or may not be on LinkedIn, but that doesn’t matter since Scout leverages the LeadIQ database of over 100 million professional profiles! Easily compose a message to them with a single click from the email button on their contact card. It’s a simple way to find people when sourcing from a specific company.

Scout by LeadIQ is simple and easy, and the best part is that it’s FREE. Find it in the Chrome Web Store here!


~ Noel Cocca

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