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How do we measure Representative Population Recruiting? We know by now that even with the best intentions, diversity doesn’t just spontaneously happen. It requires a concerted effort on the part… Read more

  A good friend from my home country of Scotland always struggled to keep up with his peers in school. But he also succeeded where most people would have failed…. Read more

  “resume bias is real. What’s more, blind recruitment isn’t solving the problem” At one point in time, resumes functioned as an overview of the person it represented. Name, address,… Read more

  LinkedIn Report Shows How Valuable Soft Skills Really Are Spoiler alert: The workplace, and most importantly, the way people work, has changed drastically over the past decade. As recruiters,… Read more

  Want to recruit better in college and university environments? Of course. We all do. That’s the next wave of talent for organizations, right? But most of the approaches that… Read more

  The hiring of successful people is still one of the most important factors for any company, no matter how small or large your company is. Most companies look at… Read more

Taking off the blinders As kids, we often heard, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” And sure, this might be considered a decent… Read more

Amy Leschke-Kahle, the VP of Performance Acceleration at The Marcus Buckingham Company (which was acquired by ADP in 2017), gave us some of her precious Milwaukee-area time (Go Bucks! Giannis!)… Read more

Most HR teams aren’t tracking the basic metrics around their career site, and that’s a problem.  Marketers track their corporate websites through Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and a host of… Read more

    It is 2019 and we all are reading the articles about what is going to change this year.  I have spoken to industry experts and listened to many… Read more

  “People are tired of talking about D&I, frustrated by the lack of results and overwhelmed by the number of issues to be addressed.” That’s downright abysmal – and frankly, disheartening…. Read more

Bluevine (think fast funding for your business) and Bullhorn (a leader in staffing and recruiting software) have increased their commitment to fostering the growth of small and medium-sized staffing agencies… Read more

Using The New Jobjet Prime


  The new Jobjet update is better than ever In a few months, it’s out with the old and in with the new for Jobjet Pro. Instead of Jobjet Pro,… Read more

  “They’re not even just not talking to them in the right way, they’re not talking to them at all.” Talk about a “misstep.” Financial institutions are missing out on… Read more

This happened about a week ago.  Previously — November 2017 — you might remember that OutMatch acquired Pomello as well. They also acquired Assess Systems and Chequed, Inc. along the… Read more

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