AmazingHire’s Free Chrome Extension

While AmazingHire is a paid tool, the AmazingHire Chrome Extension is free and well worth checking out. When open, the tool works from the side of the screen on a variety of sites. It notifies when it has found information and displays a breakdown of relevant info and links.

  • The tool works from and links to a wide variety of social sites. In addition, to stand sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, it also works with more specific technical sites like GitHub and StackOverflow.
  • AmazingHire also finds contact information, which gives you a number of free credits to unlock. However, many of the social profiles the tool links to may also contain contact info.
  • The tool also brings vital information such as location and job title right to the top, saving you the valuable time it would take to find it on your own.
  • Additionally, AmazingHire allows you to add comments for your future reference, and to sort profiles into folders for better organization.

The wide variety of sites that AmazingHire works with in addition to its ease of use makes it a great addition to your collection.

Though there are many extensions that find social links and contact information, AmazingHire is definitely work testing out. It is specifically made to help you locate technical specialists, and it follows through on that goal. ~ Noel Cocca


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