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This year’s RecruitingDaily #HRTX event in Chicago will be on September 6th — a week from today — at the offices of Yello. This post is about the experiences of… Read more

We’ve been doing webinars with guys like our boy Dean da Costa for years — this summer we did a RecruitingTools Live! with him, for example — and obviously, a… Read more

  AI Powered Improver Helps You Build and Match Contacts   Improver is a Chrome Extension that helps you locate and contact potential talent. Like many other recruiting extensions, Improver… Read more

There are few recruiting truths that we hold to be self-evident. Bad hires are costly but so are the good ones. There’s a wealth of information about the cost of… Read more

When I was finishing grad school in May 2014 and started going on a bunch of interviews with companies of about 250 employees all the way up to places like… Read more

Seems like “ghosting” has been a hot topic of late in recruiting circles, so it felt wise to cover it, albeit briefly. Most discussions of ghosting seem to focus on… Read more

Create candidate pipelines quick & easy with TopPick   TopPick is a relatively new tool that differs from many recruiting tools in that it is not about finding candidates but… Read more

We’ve got data! If happiness at work matters, your best bet is to head to Fresno, Calif., says employer ratings and review site Kununu. If you’re a woman trying to… Read more

Here’s a new article where, seemingly, some Australian consultant gets a bunch of top dogs (execs) in a room and asks: “What is your broader strategy?” They go off and write… Read more

  People Maven helps you view lists of top potential candidates   People Maven is a website that contains a variety of top talent lists, in a variety of industries and… Read more

Don’t forget to check out parts 1 & 2 of our series on tech assessments. When budgeting for technical skills assessments it’s important not only to have an accurate feel… Read more

It’s no secret that the IT industry has a talent shortage, but just how short the shortage, and how lacking in diversity the sourcing and staffing efforts have been, is… Read more

Let me cue this up for you with a section of this article: I think we miss a huge opportunity in networking when the people who care about us and… Read more

The recent Hiretual update delivers new and improved features The most recent update of Hiretual keeps all the things that made it great before, but brings to the table a… Read more

Are organizations backing away from the traditional three-year RPO format? If you follow the world of RPO, you may have noticed an interesting trend. According to the Everest Group’s annual… Read more

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