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Use DeveloperDB to improve your tech recruiting process


DeveloperBD is a website that contains a large database of information about potential candidates for a variety of tech roles. The design of the site is fairly simple—just a search engine, and talent profiles—but the database contains a lot of valuable information.

  • You can search by a variety of terms, including tech skills, job title, company, and location.
  • The search can also be prioritized, to give you more refined results. You can prioritize to sort the search results by tech ranking, work history, and diversity.

The search results provide brief overviews of each candidate, containing information such as name, job title, skills, and location. You can choose any candidate to view the full profile.

  • The full profiles contain detailed rundowns of information such as schools attended, skills and proficiencies. The information is gathered from profiles on a variety of sites, and is more detailed than the simple one-word descriptions many tools provide.
  • DeveloperDB also includes a list of social media URLs on each profile. These include LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow, and more.
  • From each profile, you can also choose to view the email address on file. Each email you choose to view will cost you a credit. However, you are given a number of credits to start with, and can buy more if necessary.

The database provides detailed profiles for candidates in a variety of disciplines, locations, and roles.

While DeveloperDB does get much of its information from GitHub and StackOverflow, which can also be searched by a variety of other tools, it does do a great job of bring all of the information into one place. DeveloperDB particularly excels in finding social profiles.

DeveloperDB is simple and informative, and definitely worth testing out to see if it’s a good fit for your recruiting process. ~Noel Cocca


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