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If you have some time at work and can check out a webinar to up your talent acquisition game, here’s what we’ve got coming for the remainder of September:

9/7, 1pm ET: RecruitingTools Live! with Dean Da Costa

From email finders to data scrapers to boolean strings, Dean has you covered.

9/10, 2pm ET: The Great Irony Of Scheduling

Recruiters never seem to have enough time in the day. There’s a good chance that if you work in TA, you’re reading this in a browser tab that’s open among at least 15 other tabs.  Between LinkedIn, Facebook and email – data scraping and boolean searching – you have to find time to DO everything else. Part of that everything is scheduling.

Doesn’t it seem silly that we have to set time aside just for scheduling? Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend less time on ensuring scheduling is done correctly?

9/18, 2pm ET: Recruitment Operations Best Practices Guide

Learn how choice overload, no time to source, and noisy managers are undermining your strategy and how to prevent it:

  • Understand your source channel percentages – and recruit differently when you do
  • Match your recruiting team design to your process and your organization – and don’t have senior recruiters process applicants all day (but definitely process all your applicants!)
  • Contract with executive leadership on cost/quality/speed – and leverage that agreement to drive agreement (and sanity) at the HM and Director level

9/24, 2pm ET: Are you lying about your budgeting for assessments?

Look, we all know that in any business, “what’s measured is what matters.” It’s why certain topics rise to the top of any discussion and certain topics, well, no one actually cares. Truth bomb there, but why not?

In recent years, there seems to be an advanced ecosystem of people lying about the money they spend on different assessments — namely pre-hire screening methods, but other types as well.

How much do you actually spend vs. how much are you claiming to spend?

RecruitingDaily President William Tincup actually thinks a lot of y’all (he lives in Texas, that’s permitted) are lying about your assessment spend.


Ted Bauer

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