ai powered improver


AI Powered Improver Helps You Build and Match Contacts


Improver is a Chrome Extension that helps you locate and contact potential talent. Like many other recruiting extensions, Improver easily locates email addresses and phones from LinkedIn. However, where Improver sets itself apart is in its AI capabilities.

  • Improver allows you to open the extension directly within LinkedIn. The affected part of the screen remains to the far right, out of the way of any relevant information.
  • From this extension, you can select the option to locate contact information for the candidate.
  • Improver allows you to have 30 free credits a month to location contact information. However, you also have the option to add people to the “waitlist,” if you are out of credits for the month, or wish to save your credits.

While this may not be very different from some other extensions, it is quick, painless, and simple. And the real fun is…

Improver also has a unique Artificial Intelligence feature. This allows you to import data into Improver with the vacant positions you currently are looking to fill.  AI will then determine how well each potential candidate fits with each position, providing a percentage match.  This is what they call your “sourcing assistant”.  

Check this tool out and add it to your collection. ~Noel Cocca


See Inside with Dean Da Costa  below: