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  August 2019, Part 1 There’s no sign of a summer slowdown in HR and recruiting tech, in fact, quite the opposite, with the same steady stream of product news,… Read more

  Full disclosure, I’m a Millennial. No matter which way you slice or dice the generation, I’m in it (albeit at the elder end of the category). I’m also not… Read more

More and more, our data is being used in ways that we don’t completely understand.  From Facebook to our credit score, it’s unclear who knows what and what we can… Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Recruitment Analytics HR is under increasing pressure to justify the ROI of recruiting today. As HR embraces the idea of data-driven decision-making, the recruiting function stands… Read more

Arguably the most scrutinized lot of the last 12-15 years, Millennials are sick and tired of being talked about publicly. Since entering the workforce, they’ve been bad-mouthed every which way… Read more

  You just got invited to a meeting on using AI for recruiting.  Now what?   Don’t panic.  Here’s is what you need to know… We are all aware that Artificial Intelligence… Read more

A few years ago, many recruiters and HR pros were nervous. Artificial intelligence was coming – and it was going to take their jobs. Candidates wouldn’t need to talk to… Read more

  79 percent of participants witnessed harassment or discrimination within the last five years. But 77 percent never reported it to HR Workplace harassment and discrimination aren’t new topics, but… Read more

  Even when talent is plentiful, bad hires happen.  Maybe the hiring process is rushed or sourcing is done incorrectly. Perhaps the team interviewing the candidate lacked the experience to… Read more

  Talent Acquisition Movers, Shakers & News Breakers – July 2019 Even as we approach the dog days of summer, the HR tech and recruiting space remains hot. Throughout July,… Read more

  We live in a world where robots are working at Walmart, telecom companies are rolling out 5G networks and astronomers are celebrating the first-ever photograph of a blackhole. Yet… Read more

  The talent landscape has changed dramatically over the past two decades. New skills, digital disruption, and changing workforce dynamics have compelled organizations to rethink their recruiting processes. Recruiting top… Read more

  It’s pretty apparent that sourcing and recruiting go hand in hand – you can’t hire successfully without finding candidates first. And you can think of sourcing any which way… Read more

  Last week, Indeed released their list of the top-rated workplaces for 2019 – and if you’ve seen the list before, this year’s findings may or may not surprise you…. Read more

An email drip campaign is a series of marketing emails that work together to nurture consumers. They’re called drip campaigns because they provide buyers with useful information by slowly dripping… Read more

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